Howard Kurtz discusses whether, after years of increasing mainstream acceptance, the Lawrence decision and the impending reality of gay marriage is causing a backlash. What I find particularly interesting is the max of sources he uses, which includes several weblogs.

Also, I’m amused by this bit:

Wait, here’s the best part, about the possible candidacy of her ex-husband: “Michael Huffington, who lives just a few blocks from Arianna in Brentwood, claimed that his decision to take out filing papers on Friday had nothing to do with his ex-wife’s plans. But their 12-year-old daughter reacted negatively, said Arianna with a laugh on Sunday: ‘She told him, “Don’t run, Daddy, you have no base.” ‘ ”

Life is rough when your own kid goes negative on you.

No kidding.

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  1. Paul says:

    The invisible line…

    Most everyone agrees that gay people should not be discriminated against in houseing, employment etc.

    But that does not mean that those same people want gay marrage, adoption etc…

    I’ve seen the polls and I don’t think it is unreasonable for the media to use the word backlash. However I don’t think it is “backlash” as much as people saying “That’s far enough.”

    The WAY the court ruled did not help gay people’s cause.

    I doubt they will do it, but the best thing the gay advocates could do right now is be humble in victory and not make a big deal over this poll. If they come out whining, that WILL push it to be a full fledged backlash.

    my 2 cents anyway