Interview with Mayada al-Askari

Fayrouz, of the blog Iraqi in America, has interviewed Mayada al-Askari whose life story is detailed in the book “Mayada, Daughter of Iraq.” The book details the harsh realities of life under Saddam.

One book review on Amazon reads:

“Everyone in America should read this book now. We have so few reliable sources for inside information about Iraqi rule under Sadaam. The book is a well written, easy to read story that relates an Iraqi woman’s shocking story and the inconceivable story of those around her. Mayada, a journalist, is from a legendary, well-connected family that has endured generations of political upheaval until she and her family finally fled their beloved Iraq after living under the horrors of an atrocious dictator. While in prison, Mayada mind-escapes by evoking Iraqi history and the stories of her many acquaintances and family members, including her own experiences with Sadaam, his regime, and his son, Uday. I couldn’t put it down without thinking about Mayada and it has certainly wetted my appetite to read more on Iraq.”

Please visit the site and read her answers, and even though some will probably disagree with her outlook, this lady is one of great courage and inspiration. As she says, “I hope one day, all this will end, and Iraq will be the symbol of progress and democracy in all the Arab homeland.”

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