The headline of this Arabic News summary says it all: Arafat agrees with Abu Mazin on new government; Israel continue house demolishing operations. That Arafat agrees with Abu Mazin is not a sign that Arafat is mellowing but of how little difference there is between the two. That the Sharon regime is continuing its heavy handed tactics as it waits for the resumption of the “peace process” also tells us how committed it is to said process. (Link via GoogleNews)

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James Joyner
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  1. Caleb says:

    “That the Sharon regime is continuing its heavy handed tactics as it waits for the resumption of the “peace process””

    Jew hater!

  2. Caleb says:

    Ok, I’ll halfway retract the earlier statement after to say instead of a jew hater, you may just be an anti-jewish jew hating jew hater, a title envied by French nationals and many Muslims worldwide to be sure, and granted all because you dare to criticize Israel, which can do absolutely no wrong. 😀

    But that’s not what set me off. What set me off was the “Sharon regime” remark, as if Sharon’s government is somehow equated with Saddam’s own and newly expired regime. That might be a Freudian slip there, and even if not it speaks to the moral equivalence between the “Palestinians” and Israel that is seen by many bystanders who probably tag themselves as moderates, and fancy themselves as being morally superior to the “extremists” because they don’t take sides like the extremists do. As if being too spineless to take a position somehow constituted an act of bravery. But I digress.

    The peace process as it stands is an absolute joke. For any peace process to truly begin, the “Palestinians” and Co. must first recognize Israel’s right to exist and renounce the tenets of their religion that call for the slaughter of Jews and Israel’s destruction. The clerics that lead the Muslim masses must recant their cries for the spilling of Jewish blood, and recognize their racist Nazi-like attitude towards the Jews for what it is, pure unadulterated hatred towards a particular race, and give it up. When they do THAT, then true peace can begin.