Leinart Stays at USC

Heisman winner Leinart staying at USC

In a decision that will pretty much guarantee USC a pre-season number one ranking, quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart announced that he will return for his senior year. While most people felt he should have opted for the obscene amount of money he’d earn in the NFL, it was nice to finally see someone put college over a quick payday.

I went to graduate school at USC and was a TA to several athletes, so I harbor no illusions as to whether Leinart is returning for his “education” or for a chance at a second Heisman and an unprecedented third-straight national championship. Still, I hope this sends a message that there are more important things than a professional sports contract, among them the intangible benefits of a college education.

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  1. caltechgirl says:

    I think he only has 6 credits left, so you know as well as I do what kind of classes he’ll be taking to maintain his eligibility. But in any case, Yay Matt! Maybe this will start a new trend (as if)

  2. Leinart’s an idiot. Suppose he tears up his knee next year. I hope nothing happens to him, but a pro athlete’s playing “lifetime” is limited. One freak incident could happen and the future cash is gone. Just like don’t I begrudge a wizkid from skipping college to become, say, a computer game designer I don’t begrudge an athlete who takes the big bucks offered to him.

  3. Sean: Yet you do begrudge his decision to finish college. That seems odd to me.

  4. McGehee says:

    I’m pretty sure the consequences of tearing up his knee are the same whether he’s playing pro or still playing college…

  5. BigFire says:

    Re: Sean Hackbarth

    No. He realizes that should he leave for NFL, his new employer is likely to be John York of San Francisco 49ers. York has managed in 4 short years to bringg the proud 49ers team down to its knee with his amazing penny-penching ways. York seemed to be envious of Donald Sterling’s strangle-hold on the title of Worse American Professional Team Owner Title (Sterling owns the LA Clippers).

    Right now, USC has a better offensive line than 49ers. If he goes to San Francisco, he can fully expect to be on the turf on every single offensive play.

  6. Rob says:

    I disagree. Leinart should take the money over college. The “intangible benefits of a college education” are not more important than financial security, which is what he would have if he leaves college for the pros, injury forthcoming or not. And finally, there is absolutely nothing standing in his way to RETURN and FINISH college when his playing days are over if the “intangible benefits of a college education” still seem important.