Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck Retires At 29

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck surprised the sports world last night by announcing an early retirement.

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Reinstated By Federal Appeals Court

A legal setback for Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys.

Pence Leaves Colts Game Over Anthem Protest In Obviously Pre-Planned Stunt

Vice-President Pence left an Indianapolis Colts game early in what was obviously a cynical pre-planned publicity stunt.

Aaron Hernandez Suffered From ‘Severe’ Case Of C.T.E. At Time Of Death, Report Says

Former N.F.L. player, and convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez suffered from a severe case of C.T.E. at the time of his death according to a post-mortem brain study.

Federal Judge Halts Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Once again, the National Football League sees its disciplinary and appeal process criticized by a Federal Judge.

Frank Gifford, C.T.E., And The N.F.L.’s Continuing Concussion Problem

The news that the late football legend Frank Gifford suffered from the same chronic brain disease that has been diagnosed in many N.F.L. players in recent years, and the upcoming release of a new film on the issue, seems certain to increase pressure to protect players at all levels of football.

Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady’s Deflategate Suspension

A massive defeat in Court for the National Football League.

Common Sense On The N.F.L.’s Tax Exempt Status

The idea that the N.F.L. “doesn’t pay taxes” is largely false.

Despite Abuse Scandals, The NFL Remains As Popular As Ever

A new poll indicates that NFL fans plan to keep watching despite the recent domestic abuse scandals.

NFL Tax Exempt Status Means They Pay More Taxes

No, the NFL isn’t a non-profit. Yes, it pays massive amounts of taxes.

Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide

Jovan Belcher, a linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs, this morning murdered the mother of their 3-month-old baby before killing himself.

NFL, Players Agree On New CBA

With the Draft only 27 days away, multiple lawsuits pending, and the lockout only in force for a few weeks, the NFL announced that an agreement on a new CBA had been reached with players.

NFL Players Invoke Nuclear Option

No matter how the owners and players resolve their squabble, the fans are likely to get screwed.

18-Game NFL Schedule Moves Into The Red Zone

A shorter preseason and more meaningful games may come to fruition as soon as 2012.

Today’s Vocab Word: “Purple Drank”

Thanks to JaMarcus Russell, I have learned a new term.

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