Being Jerry Jones

Washington Post Won’t Use ‘Redskins’ in Editorials–But Will on Sports Pages

The capital’s paper has issued a partial ban on the controversial nickname of the local NFL franchise.

Paying Attention To Politics? You’re Probably Really Stressed Out

In a new survey, Americans cite politics and the news as the biggest sources of stress in their lives.

Yes, Americans Care About Soccer Now

My latest for The Hill, “America Comes to Soccer,” has posted.

Washington Redskins Trademark Canceled

The US Government has deemed the nickname of the capital’s NFL club racially offensive.

Who Owns a Tattoo?

Those who tattoo celebrities want to be be paid when their tattoos appear in the media.

The Real Origin of the ‘Washington Redskins’ Nickname

A debunking of the origin story actually aids the case that the motivation was not racist. It doesn’t matter.

Seahawks Sign Draft Pick With Heart Condition Knowing They’d Immediately Cut Him

The Seattle Seahawks signed a draft choice knowing he would never play a down of football for them, costing them more than half a million dollars.

Fifty Senators Call On N.F.L. To Change Redskins Name

Once again, Washington politicians are pontificating about the Washington Redskins.

Debtors Prisons Alive and Well

People are still going to jail for being unable to pay their fines. And often billed for the priviledge.

Shut Up, He Explained

Shutting down rational debate one meme at a time.

Hollywood’s Changing Male Ideal

On screen body objectification is now equal opportunity.

Ray Rice Celebrates Aggravated Assault Indictment by Marrying Victim

Ray Rice celebrated his aggravated assault indictment by marrying his victim.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Its A Bull Market Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

HaHa Clinton-Dix Tired of Monica Lewinski Jokes

Worst part about being named HaHa Clinton-Dix? ‘The whole President Clinton thing with Monica Lewinsky’

Rush Limbaugh: Heterosexuals Under Attack By Homosexuals

Once again, Rush Limbaugh panders to the most pernicious of the right side of American politics.

N.F.L. Draft Prospect Michael Sam Comes Out As Gay

Michael Sam is gay.It didn’t matter to his University of Missouri teammates. Will it matter to the NFL?

The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl commercial ran only once, but it remains in a class by itself.

Three NFL Cities May Be Impacted By NFL Blackout Rule This Weekend

One of the dumbest rules in sports may mean that people in three cities can’t see their teams play this weekend.

FCC To Look At Repealing Sports Broadcast Rules

The FCC is looking at re-examination of its sports broadcast rules. The NFL and other sports leagues should do the same thing.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The La-Z Boy Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Do Barack Obama And Mike Bloomberg Want To Ruin Family Thanksgiving Gatherings?

Guess what’s coming to the dinner table.

Roger Goodell Wants NFL Expansion To Los Angeles And London

Roger Goodell wants to see the NFL expand to Los Angeles and London. One city seems like an obvious choice, the other not so much.

Bum Phillips Dead at 90

Bum Phillips, former head coach of the Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints, has died aged 90.

Another Poll Brings Bad News For The GOP, But Will It Matter Come Election Day?

The GOP’s approval numbers have fallen like a stone, but it’s unclear whether this will matter in 2014.

NFL Games for Deployed Troops Stopped During Shutdown

The NFL donates its game broadcasts to troops deployed in harm’s way but they still won’t get to see them during the shutdown.

Lane Kiffin Fired – Who Will Hire Him Next?

The Miley Cyrus of college football will be back too soon.

NFL Commissioner Endorsing Heckler’s Veto Over Redskins Name?

Should one person being “offended” by more important than a vast majority who are not?

Sell Wars That Need Selling

My latest for The National Interest has posted.