Letter to al-Zarqawi Cites Low Morale

Possible letter to al-Zarqawi cites low morale (CNN)

The U.S. military said Tuesday it has seized a letter from Iraqi insurgents believed to be intended for Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi complaining about low morale among followers and weakening support for the insurgency. The authenticity of the letter — which the military said American troops found Thursday in a raid in Baghdad — could not be independently verified.

The letter — which never refers to al-Zarqawi by name — is written to Sheik Abu Ahmad, a name not known to be used by the militant leader or his followers. But supporters often call al-Zarqawi the Sheik or Sheik Abu Musab in letters and on Web sites. “What has happened to myself and my brothers is an unforgivable crime, but God will punish the oppressor,” the letter reads. “I swear by God that you will be asked about what happened to us because you have not asked about the situation of the migrants. Morale is down and there is fatigue among mujahedeen ranks. “There is discrimination by some of the brethren emirs. God would not accept such actions, and a simple mistake delays victory, so what about big mistakes and gross guilts? Many underestimate them and are lenient toward them.”

So we have a letter whose authenticity can not be verified from an individual we do not know written to someone called “Sheik” that indicates at least one person is dissatisfied with said Sheik? Color me unimpressed.

Charles Johnson and Jonah Goldberg are slightly more excited.

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  1. Neo says:

    Perhaps Zarqawi should recommend showing DVDs of the films of Alec Bladwin. That should be enough to drive anybody to go blow themselves up.