Line of the Day: Reagan and the Modern GOP

It has been noted before, but it is worth pointing out yet again:

“Reagan couldn’t get elected dogcatcher these days. He raised taxes at least 11 times. Back then you had responsible adults in the Republican Party who put country over partisanship.”—former member of the Reagan administration, Bruce Bartlett.

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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. JohnMcC says:

    A thought often heard these days. It’s illuminating to think that the TeaParty has become the ‘sans cullottes’ to the Reagan ‘national assembly’. And amusing to anticipate the present ‘directorate’ of Repubs being dragged to the guillotine. Make more popcorn!!!

    But excuse me while I go to the medicine cabinet for Pepto-Bismol because I think you’re saying that I am presently on the same side as the incredibly stupid president Ronny?!