Michelle Malkin Blogs A Lot

UNC law prof Eric Muller has a long blog post which he think “proves” that Michelle Malkin does not write all of the blog posts appearing under her name. The upshot: She posts a whole lot even when traveling. Apparently, Muller never flies anywhere because he is under the impression that one is not permitted to use a laptop while flying (as opposed to on departure and landing), even though computing while in flight is probably the main reason people buy them in the first place.

Malkin responds by noting that she has a strong work ethic and actually enjoys writing.

In a follow-on post, Muller apologizes for claiming that Malkin did not write her own blog posts while simultaneously speculating that her husband actually writes them.

This is quite odd behavior, frankly, from a professor, let alone one whose impressive CV suggests knows something about hard work. Perhaps someone who averages five or six blog posts a week and a thousand daily visits (not bad for that level of posting, to be sure) simply can’t fathom someone spending that much time blogging. Or perhaps he is just obsessed with Malkin, whether because she wrote a book taking the opposite position from his on Japanese internment, he thinks she’s hot, or some other reason.

But sheesh.

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  1. jonf says:

    even though computing while in flight is probably the main reason people buy them in the first place.

    ?? I am not sure about this. I travel all of the time and rarely use my laptop on an actual flight. I bought it more for when I get to the destination. Flight time is taken up with reading the paper and listenting to my ipod!

  2. Bithead says:

    One must also consider the obvious; That Muller doesn’t like conservatives, and went after one of the most heard spokespeople on that side of the isle. A look at his website seems to confirm this.

  3. I’ve been known to monkey with timestamps and scheduled posts to make it appear that I am posting as much as I do in such a short amount of time.

  4. James Joyner says:

    So long as you’re not timestamping your monkey. I draw the line at that.

  5. Chris says:

    Geez, time stamping monkeys! Are they related to French surrender monekys? How about time-stamped French surrender monkeys? No, they’d be on strike!

  6. Bachbone says:

    Wanna bet the good professor has grad assistants who do some, if not much, of his work for him? How many sabbaticals has he taken, and how many semester- or year-long vacations has Malkin had?

  7. Time stamping your monkey. Feh. =)

    At rallies of BMW motorcycle owners, some think it’s macho to have an odometer that registers into the hundreds of thousands of miles. Controversy usually arises when a guy with a three-year-old bike has an odometer showing that the bike would have had to have been ridden 24/7 for most of its life to have acquired all those miles.

    Malkin doesn’t bother me. She’s a journalist, it’s her calling. Of course she’s writing all the time. Who I do wonder about is Glenn Reynolds. How can he post like he does and still hold down a job? Being a law professor must be the lush life.

  8. James Joyner says:

    Glenn’s really smart. He’s a Yale Law grad and interested in everything from space to music, has his own band and recording studio, and brews his own beer. Plus, his wife’s really hot.

    He basically reads a ton of stuff and posts quick links to the most interesting of what he’s reading.

    And, yeah, being a law prof is pretty good work if you can get it–lots of time to sit around and think and write. Indeed, it’s both a luxury and a requirement of the job.

  9. It’s great he has a hot wife, I just don’t understand how that makes him write faster. =)

  10. James Joyner says:

    Scott: The longer the posts, the less time with the wife?

  11. Steve Verdon says:

    Actually the whole things makes Muller look more than a tad creepy. The post about Michelle not stopping by on vacation plus this one…yikes.