OTB Latenight – Depeche Mode

Moving from the very contemporary to something a little more, well… one hates to use the word “classic” for the music one grew up with, but there you have it.

I’m still hoping my fellows will join me in giving this Late Night OTB thing another go, but I’ll keep at it by myself a while either way.

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Dodd Harris
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Dodd, who used to run a blog named ipse dixit, is an attorney, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a fairly good poker player. He contributed over 650 pieces to OTB between May 2007 and September 2013. Follow him on Twitter @Amuk3.


  1. jeff b says:

    Shoot, that’s not even 20 years old yet.

    My benchmark for old is whether I will have to interview and hire some kid who wasn’t even alive when the album came out. Murmurs: old. Violator: not old (yet).

  2. markm says:

    Heh, when my wife had trouble loading that Depeche tune on her iPod she called for some tech assistance….which happened to be an 18ish year old kid. He said something to the effect that “WOW, that’s really retro…”

    She wasn’t totally amused.

  3. Boyd says:

    …one hates to use the word “classic” for the music one grew up with…

    Even worse, one hates to hear music labeled “classic” when it was released only a few short years before one retired from the Navy.

  4. Gary Gore says:

    Ahhh… Good stuff. I made a great Washington DC weekend, up from South Carolina, a few years ago when they performed at Nissan Pavilion out towards Manassas.

  5. Dodd says:

    I was really referring to the band in general, rather than just this specific song. I was in college myself when Violator was released. But it was their 7th album (IIRC – and, see, I said “album” thereby hopelessly dating myself).