I’m scheduled to appear on MSNBC’s “Connected Coast-to-Coast with Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley” at 5 p.m. Eastern to discuss, of all things, the recent spate of judge shootings and what needs to be done about it.

Maybe they needed someone else with a PhD in international affairs to balance Crowley on the topic….

Update (1900): Unfortunately, I got bumped from the lineup around 1745 after sitting in the studio miked and ready to go for 45 minutes. They wound up doing multiple segments with Bo Diedle, which cut into the schedule. It was, to say the least, aggravating. Still, it’s understandable that they didn’t want to cut off fruitful discussions with subject matter experts to get to my segment. I took some consolation that Mike Scheuer of Imperial Hubris fame had previously gotten bumped from Hardball because they decided to go wall-to-wall with the Atlanta shooting saga. So it goes in TV land, I guess.

James Joyner
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  1. Protecting judges

  2. Jim Henley says:

    Tell me, oh tell me, you’ve got the guts to answer “Nothing, especially.”

    Jeff Quinton at Backcountry Conservative is liveblogging media coverage of the Atlanta courthouse shootout and has tons o’ links. Michael King, Georgia-based blogger, is also keeping an eye on Atlanta while the search for the fugitive gunman continues…

  4. Manhunt for shooter who killed 3 in Atlanta
    WAGA via Fox News reports that a deputy died at Grady Hospital. Previously a judge and court reporter died. Downtown Atlanta is sealed off. If anybody downtown is liveblogging it let me know. Background info from the AJC: A…

  5. Awesome, James. I’ll watch.

  6. Joyner On MSNBC
    For those who get MSNBC’s “Connected Coast-to- Coast” , friend and blogging cohort James Joyner will be a guest at 5pm Eastern “to discuss, of all things, the recent spate of judge shootings and what needs to be done about…

  7. Slant Point says:

    Clash of the Robes
    Jeff Quinton has been live-blogging the Atlanta courthouse murder/suspect-at-large incident. Scary stuff. I don’t have time to follow this too closely, but I have one immediate thought. What do you get when you cross juducial activism, filibusters and…

  8. Tom says:

    Did the boss let you off for it? lol

  9. James Joyner on Connected (VIDEO)
    James Joyner (Outside the Beltway) will appear on Connected today to talk about the recent killing of a judge’s family and the judge that was killed today. I will have the video….

  10. denise says:

    Don’t forget that shooting outside an L.A. courthouse (I think it was L.A.) last year. The judge wan’t shot at, but a lawyer was.

    To the extent there’s a trend, I think that incident qualifies as part of it.

    My husband commented earlier today that everyone keeps referring to this Atlanta matter as the killing of a judge, when in fact three people were killed. The other two count too, and they were killed for being part of the legal/judicial system.

  11. Ian says:

    I got on a bit late (5:30 est) … were you bumped?

  12. Tom says:

    He was bumped . I watched an hour of Ron Reagan to see James.. . Oh well, get em next time James.

  13. Ian says:

    Eh I have to watch him everyday! (Just to hear Monica) .. Usually he makes some remark about his father … He said some variation of “I had to endure security because of a certain job my father had in Washington, DC”.

  14. $10,000 Reward For Atlanta Shooter
    Bo Dietl, former NYC detective, offered $10,000 of his money for the capture of Brian Nichols who killed three people in a Atlanta, Georgia, courthouse escape earlier today.

  15. When can I discuss the MidEast on TV?
    James Joyner from OTB appeared on MSNBC today.

  16. jen says:

    That’s a relief – I tried to get the Tivo setup online, but it didn’t go in time, I guess. Glad to know that I didn’t miss it. Sorry to hear you got bumped.

  17. bryan says:

    man, I hope you get paid for this aggravation. As much silly money as they’re throwing at Reagan, you should get something for having to sit under those lights for almost an hour.

  18. PunditGuy says:

    So Close, But Yet So Far
    James Joyner’s 15 minutes is preempted….

  19. Aqeel M. El-Amin says:

    The young lady who reasoned the Mr. Nichols, the alleged shooter of those in Atlanta this weekend, surely is a woman of deep faith and good character. She deserves a medal, but her greatest reward, I believe, will come from G-d, for surely she exhibited the height of what compassion is. I pray for Mr. Nichols, for surely, something strangly out of the odinary must have happened to him…for I see great signs in his last act before turning himself over to law enforcement, that he too, has some great redeeming values in spiritual senitivity.