Playboy Playmate Mother Teresa of Haiti

Kevin Aylward has all the information you need on Susie Scott Krabacher, the self-styled “Playboy Playmate Mother Teresa of Haiti.

The phrase amounts to a double oxymoron–if there’s such a thing–which I find rather amusing. Sufficiently so to launch a contest: Come up with a combination of a pop culture description, famous person, and place that’s funnier.

Note: This report from last December is interesting. Krabacher has clearly taken her life in a different direction than the average Playmate and, indeed, has almost certainly done more good than the actual Mother Teresa.

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James Joyner
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  1. Dodd says:

    Teen Idol Ghengis Khan of Switzerland.

  2. mark says:

    You know, you have to be careful with Kevin’s “NSFW” posts. A direct link does not have the option of expanding the questionalble content – at least not on my browser.

    Lucky I’m not at work, eh?

  3. James Joyner says:

    Heh. Well, it’s fairly safe, I guess.

  4. McGehee says:

    Fearless Leader John Kerry of Bugtussle, Oklahoma.