Meryl Yourish has challenged the inclusion of the InstaWife in the Blog Chicks Pix on the grounds that while she is a chick and there is a pic, she isn’t a blogger.

Upon review, the official rules state merely that the list would include “Babes of the Blogosphere.” By Meryl’s own admission, InstaWife is indeed a babe and the InstaHubby is among the more prominent bloggers. Therefore, InstaWife is, by rule, a Babe of the Blogosphere. Also, there is precedent for this, as Kate (later, “The Other Kate” of small dead animals fame) was included on the basis of her frequent commenting on OTB.

The ruling on the field therefore stands and Meryl is charged with a timeout.

By the way, Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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James Joyner
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  1. jen says:

    It’s funny you mentioned that Blog Chicks Pix thing again, I just got a couple of hits from that link. Now I’m hoping that whomever was visiting wasn’t disappointed to see a picture of me from the fourth grade. ;-)Almost makes me want to go back to a static photo instead of the random selection – but only almost.

  2. James Joyner says:

    The pic on your biography page–which was what I linked–is static, though. Indeed, that’s why you in the second category rather than “hiding in plain ‘site.'”

  3. Kate says:

    Famous and precedent setting.

    Sounds like a quote to me.

  4. jen says:

    Well, I updated the About page, so it’s the rotating pictures now too.