Ron Paul Fans Try to Raise $10 Million in One Day

Fans of Ron Paul are trying to raise $10 million for their candidate today alone, WSJ’s Susan Davis reports.

If all goes as planned, the Ron Paul presidential campaign could raise $10 million today. At least that’s what his supporters are working toward.

A grassroots effort run by supporter Trevor Lyman through the site was initially asking for 100,000 people to sign up and pledge to give $100 today, for a total that could make cash-strapped Republican Sen. John McCain blush. As of Saturday, however, the site had only registered about 18,000 supporters for the “moneybomb” — far short of the total but enough to create a notable and growing boost to Paul’s campaign chest.

Paul tracks his donations in real time on his web site. The clock started ticking at midnight when current donations were listed at $2,773,017.02. At the time of this posting — eight hours into the 24 hour effort — he had raised more than $1 million for a total of $3,805,615. In the time it took to write this post, he raised more than $30,000. The campaign has set a $12 million fundraising goal for the fourth quarter, which ends Dec. 31.

Ron Paul $12 Million As of 2:48 Eastern, Paul had raised a total of $5,188,149.57 (for freedom), or $2,415,132.55 since midnight. On the one hand, this means that he’s likely to fall far short of the $10 million goal. On the other, that’s still an impressive amount of cash.

I love the ticker idea and, even moreso, the listing of the name of the most recent contributor. Talk about your transparency!

UPDATE: Commenter Christopher raises an interesting question: “Are they raising the money in gold, or worthless paper money?”

UPDATE: They’re over $7.2 million as of 6:42 am and fundraising director Jonathan Bydlak says they raised “Over $3,800,000” from “More than 35,000 total donations” yesterday. Well short of $10 million but “The most successful fundraising day ever is John Kerry’s $5.7 million. And that was on the day he accepted the Democratic nomination.”

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James Joyner
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  1. Christopher says:


    Are they raising the money in gold, or worthless paper money?

  2. Rusty John says:

    Whoever set the 10 million dollar goal was a moron- instead of getting reports about how Ron Paul has now raised more money on-line in one day than any other Republican, and will also raise more money in one day- either on-line or off-line, than any other Republican, the story will now be how they failed to meet fundraising goals.

  3. Matt Torian says:

    Awesome!! Go Ron!

  4. Josh Brannon says:

    Excellent article… very unbiased Mr. Joyner, outstanding… WOW what a turnout!

  5. Miranda says:

    “Whoever set the 10 million dollar goal was a moron”

    No way, everyone knows you set the bar high to get maximum results, besides, the day isn’t over yet…

  6. Dave says:

    I’d pay him in gold, unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a shortage of gold-backed money on hand at the moment…

  7. Klutometis says:

    “Are they raising the money in gold, or worthless paper money?”

    Heh; if Ron gets elected, gold and paper money won’t be a dichotomy any more.

  8. Francisco dAnconia says:

    Guy would be proud.

    Dr. Paul is the only candidate who represents something other than never ending cycles of wasteful, corrupt warfare and welfare which (both) harm everyone intended to be helped. Dr. Paul is NOT qualified to run YOUR life, or the politics of the world, neither is any other candidate; the difference is that Dr. Paul acknowledges this fact.

    This isn’t a second American Revolution, it is the logical continuation of the first.

  9. James Bowery says:

    The WSJ story is inaccurate. The goal set by Trevor Lyman was just one kid’s understandable over-enthusiasm.

    The real goal of what Susan Davis calls “his (Ron Paul’s) supporters” was to break records thereby getting some small fraction of the Old Media coverage deserved by a man of Ron Paul’s views.

    You see — here’s the real problem:

    The Old Media is relying on name recognition in polls like Gallup and Harris, etc. to determine their priority in who they cover — but name recognition is driven in large measure by Old Media coverage.

    The ethical thing for Old Media editors to do is demand polls from Gallup, Harris, etc. that, instead of asking for name recognition, ask for position matching. Obvious questions should be asked, such as:

    If a candidate had opposed the entry of the US into Iraq, would you tends to support or oppose him?


    But since Old Media editors are not ethical, we get very angry reactions from very informed people of integrity — like military vets who set foot in Iraq.

    These are not men you want very angry with you.

  10. Dic says:

    Awe…we have a little snarky comment already….thats cute.

  11. B Reyes says:

    Ron Paul is the best and most honest presidential candidate in decades.

    Do you think Guiliani, Clinton or Romney would even think to show this level of transparency? They are bought and paid for by lobbyists.

    Ron Paul is real and his support is real.

  12. DONATETODAY says:

    No unfortunately i donated worthless paper money i earned through manual labor. And after taxes just enough to eat and sleep with a roof over my head.

    Many many more in the same boat as me. I feel for the college students who had to scrap up extra money.

    if there is one thing we can take in from all this guys, The media is worthless.

  13. DRUMS of WAR says:

    Comment in violation of site policies deleted.

    Those wishing to buy candidate advertising should send inquiries to ot*@bl*****.com

  14. David says:

    Actual I use the worthless paper money. If we would had used gold the amount raised would be 20% greater since the first debate last April since gold continues to go up while the dollar goes down. It’s a funny line until you finally realized that you just lost about 20% of your purchasing power.

  15. Christopher says:


    Go live in a cave somewhere with Ron. The rest of us are enjoying a wonderful economy despite the candidates on either side.

    If Ron Paul gets elected (yea right!) the economy will collapse and bartering will be the norm. Ron Paul is a doc so he can get by. The rest of us will be sucking on shoe leather.

    (20% less purchasing power in the dollar because gold is up that much? Wow, where did u get your economics degree, a cracker jack box?)

  16. Mark Jaquith says:

    $10 million was just a “wouldn’t it be nice” number. Don’t let the unlikelihood of that number being reached distract from the very real likelihood that Ron Paul will raise more money in a single day than any other candidate in the history of this country. And this from a “2nd tier” candidate, by many accounts.

  17. Kathy says:
  18. Iconoclast421 says:

    If we set a goal for 10 million, and only raise 4 million, then yes the media could use it as a chance to highlight our failure. But it would backfire because even just 4 mill in one day is a record, right?

    Whenever the media tries to spin a record as a failure, it usually wakes up a few more people!

  19. TheWhatNow? says:

    You know 10M$ would EASILY be surpassed today if it were legal for non-US citizens to support Ron Paul. As Canadians, our politics are a like a delayed reaction to yours. Our Prime Minister is really just your President’s bitch, no matter who he/she is. Ron Paul is #1 on the world’s voting card because of what he stands for (that’s why online polls are ludicrously in favour of him – cuz the world gets to vote here), and when he wins the presidency, it will mean a return to the USA everyone used to respect, it will mean a return to Canada as it was created, and a different world ready to embrace the true globalism…and don’t worry – America can still kick ass eh!

  20. Justin says:

    “Stephen Colbert ends White House bid after being removed from South Carolina primary ballot.”

    This is what the “news” talks about, a fake candidate from a faux political TV show, while a REAL candidate — Ron Paul — who refuses corporate donations — takes in $3-$4 million in ONE DAY from REAL Americans from a supporter-driven drive not even promoted by the Paul campaign! What a story!

    No mention of it.

    We live in a facist police-state controlled by tranquilized media puppets. Watching the “news” makes me want to puke it is so dumbed-down and diluted of any fair or intelligent content.

  21. Paul says:

    Re TheWhatNow?’s comments, I’d have a hard time believing that Ron Paul would come within 20 or 30 points of Hillary Clinton in a worldwide vote (which thankfully will never be a reality in our lifetimes). Much of that comes from her name recognition and association with Bill who most of the world now thinks looks pretty good in the rear view mirror. But even once Ron Paul was better known, I’d still be shocked if he could beat her. Even if Paul could get his agenda thru Congress, would much of the world *really* want the US to pull out of the UN, reduce aid, withdraw troops from everywhere? Lots of instability there for people to fear, even if they are salivating at getting rid of Bush.

    Paul’s performance is impressive. I’d definitely consider voting for a libertarian, although I’m a bit disappointed with Paul’s divergence from the LP platform on abortion and immigration. Where is the small government in a big police state wall and hunting down businesses trying to make a living by hiring people who are available? Did Paul always take this view or is it a recent conversion so that he doesn’t differ with the GOP base on another big issue? I’d guess the former, just wondering. Does anyone know what other issues he may differ from the classic libertarian position? I know he was the LP nominee in ’88 so perhaps it isn’t a long list.

  22. Dodd says:

    I wonder at the choice of the 5th of November for this (very clever) gimmick. Does someone plan to blow up the Federal Reserve?

    Note for the overly literal: This is just a joke. Get over yourself.

  23. Maniakes says:

    I, too, wonder about the Guy Fawkes tie-in, considering that Fawkes’s objective was to destroy Britain’s constitutional government and replace it with a theocracy.

  24. Andy says:

    Ron Paul’s imaginary internet-poll-spamming supporters sure have a lot of money!

  25. Ron Paul says:

    Huck is the top of the bottom tier; Ron is the bottom of the top tier.

  26. FZappa says:

    Heh; if Ron gets elected, gold and paper money won’t be a dichotomy any more.

    Exactly. It’s amazing how many MSM members don’t even understand the concept of fiat money. But I heard Ron Paul say there are members of CONGRESS who think our dollars are still backed by gold!

  27. Brian says:

    The rest of us are enjoying a wonderful economy.


  28. Mike says:
  29. James Yates says:

    I have to say I did not think that we would make the 10 million, but I really did hope too. But we have made one heck of a statement. We are tired and fed up. Those polls the media put out do’nt mean a thing, but that money honest hard working people have put forward do.

    We are here we are making a difference, I think this is only one of many statements to come from us. Hold on it’s going to be a thrill ride.

  30. Tom says:

    Please pull your head out of the cave and educate yourself..Provided below is a link that shows the gold standard is not far fetched…Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971…and because of that, the money people save in the bank is eroded away because of the hidden tax and that hidden tax is called inflation.

  31. Mark Jaquith says:

    Ron Paul’s imaginary internet-poll-spamming supporters sure have a lot of money!

    Hannity spin prediction: “oh come on, he didn’t raise $4 million dollars — it was just the same 10 people sending in the same dollar bill over and over.”

  32. Alex Bloss says:

    What a great day for freedom….

    Ronald Reagan Sounds like Ron Paul