Ron Paul Flatlines

Ron Paul Revolution Ron Paul’s ability to attract enthusiastic support among young people, especially online, has been quite impressive and unexpected. The degree to which that has translated into fundraising capability has been nothing short of spectacular.

But look at the national polling trend lines for the past year:

Republican National Polls Trends 20080202

Ron Paul’s numbers are flatlined. He’s the only one of the remaining quartet that isn’t up substantially from six months ago. Despite the field winnowing from ten candidates to four, Paul continues to appeal to no more than 5-6 percent of Republicans.

With most candidates, the obvious explanation would be that their support has shifted to one of the frontrunners in a strategic move to avoid “wasting” their vote. Given the depth of Paul’s support, though, that strikes me as incredibly unlikely. The hard-core libertarians who back Paul are mostly dead-enders who would rather write in Paul’s name than deign to compromise for one of the Establishment candidates.

Could it be that hard-core libertarians are just a relatively small group? That, despite being organized and enthusiastic, there aren’t enough of them to elect a president? Barring a better explanation, I’m leaning in that direction.

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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Stephen Morris says:

    Why don’t you pukes that write negative articles about RON PAUL ever include the fact that the mainstream media has conspired against us because RON PAUL’s views are constitutional and are dangerous to the establishment?

    I am convinced that if he had been given a fair chance, he would currently be the front runner in the GOP.

    You’ve kept us down for now but we will be back stronger than ever.

  2. Jim_NYC says:

    Perception is everything. Elections are decided by the uninformed. You know it, I know it, a lot of people know it. Today a lot of people who don’t know anything about either team competing in the super bowl will pick one to root for. Some will even bet money not knowing anything about either team. The presidential election is no different. Having said all of that please deny that the “free” media..the nightly news …the cable networks……newspaper and print…have put UN sanctions on Ron Paul. I’m talking about the cold shoulder. They have simply refused to mention. He doesn’t even exist to the average individual. Give Paul even 1-2 weeks of neutral press coverage at the same rate as the others. Simply allow his ideas to be published and broadcast without bias in either direction and the now flat line will spike upwards.

  3. Chad_Underdonk says:

    He’s also the only candidate who has gotten heavily shafted by the media and pundits. Huckabee got a little taste of it in the debate last Wednesday and had a cow. It is pretty funny however that supporters of other candidates don’t put their money where their mouth is, they just prefer to “pick” their candidate from the one or two that the media advocates for.

    There is a reason that he gets less airtime in the debates and is frequently cut off, mocked by his opponents, and minimized by the press. Its because when he talks he makes the front runners look like the stuffed shirt, shallow on the issues, plastic faces, that they really are. This chart only shows that the media campaign is having an effect. Wonder what is shows about the other media anointed like Fred and Giuliani right now…I remember them getting a whole lot more media love, too bad they not only flat lined, but flat out disappeared.

    Oh, and the reason I and other RP supporters behind me are going to come and trash your conclusions is because anyone who hasn’t been paying attention up to now should actually here the truth behind what has and is happening.

  4. Steve Grycel says:

    Boy, for RP supporters, I find this primary a difficult time. There are those who keep the faith (faith can move mountains apparently, but not the Republican Party), and those who are upset at either the MSM or Corporate America. Personally, I like the guys who keep the faith. They are easier to deal with in everyday life. I for one, am hoping that RP is the sly fox they would have you believe, but my hope doesn’t run that deep, although I’m beginning to see a trend here. Soon, the Huckster will drop out due to not having any funding. That will leave McCain & Romney going back and forth trading places as frontrunner, both with about 40 percent of the delegates, leaving Paul with about a solid 10-15%. I don’t see either frontrunner attacking RP anymore, but rather trying to appeal to his percentage of followers. Unfortunately for the frontrunners, RP’s people are really dedicated and can’t be bought by either Mc or Romney, but can be handed to either guy depending on the changes they make in their platform. This will make RP the Kingmaker and the nominated guy will most likely be the next POTUS. It looks like in order to win the nomination, either Mc or the Romulan will have to bend over a little for some of the RP platform. I see “100 years in Iraq McCain” as the more inflexible of the two, whereas flip Romney is a known “bend with the wind” type of politician. I believe the Romulans will bend knee to the Ronulans in order to grab the nomination. We can give either guy the votes they need to have more than 50 percent of the delegates. What do you think?

  5. Nance says:

    Yay! Looks like the plutocracy wins again! 100 more years of slavery!

  6. Gino says:

    Well James, I think a reasoned fellow like yourself knows the answer. He’s a clear threat to the establishment and will not get the “free press” coverage that the status quo demands. Can the “free press” keep the dollar from free fall? If so, they’re not doing a very good job.

  7. Connie Barata says:

    Sorry to inform you, James, but your leanings are wrong.

    I was outside my polling place (the legal distance) on voting day here in Florida with flyers for Ron Paul. I was greeted with “Ron Paul?”, or “Love the man, but it’s a shame he won’t win,” or “The only true Republican. I wish he had a chance of winning.”

    Do you know what that is due to?

    It is totally due to the media blackout of Ron Paul throughout this entire campaign. Every day the news reports where the candidates are headed and follows their campaigns. BUT NO COVERAGE FOR RON PAUL. They’ll mention and show photos or video of three Republican candidates at their campaign sites, speaking with people, getting the crowds excited, giving them emphasis as valid candidates. But Ron Paul? His face and campaign coverage are extinguished, completely blacked out from view! This action gives the uninformed viewer the effect that Ron Paul is fringe and unworthy of further consideration and their vote. Even C-SPAN is guilty of this, reporting on most of the Republican campaign trails, but not mentioning Ron Paul.

    For example, MSNBC’s Morning Joe show has had Mike Huckabee on nearly daily for weeks now. Gee, just where is Ron Paul on Morning Joe’s show? Hmmmmmmmm?

    Did you notice in the recent CNN Republican Debate in California where Anderson Cooper had total disrespect for Ron Paul by cutting him off from answering and by hardly asking him any questions? This has been the handling of Ron Paul in most of the debates up to now!

    I am sick and tired of the big business- big government-influenced media hijacking our country with their “choice of who shall be covered” in this election.

    Ron Paul had the MOST money donated to a Republican campaign in the fourth quarter of ’07, came in second in Nevada and Louisiana. Ron Paul came in third in this past Saturday’s Maine caucus so far, one point behind McCain, but with 33% still left to be counted, Ron Paul could come in second! All this DESPITE the media blackout. WHAT an accomplishment!

    Ron Paul has the MOST money donated from members in the military.

    He has the endorsement of, Barry Goldwater, Jr. and Andrew Sullivan, and numerous others who know a good man when they see one.

    Ron Paul’s supporters donated over one million dollars in one day on February 1, 2008 to his campaign, for a total of over $5 million in donations in the first month of this first quarter alone!

    Watch Huckabee drop out due to lack of funds (is McCain giving him a lift these days to put away Romney???) and let’s see if Ron Paul can get the media coverage he deserves.

  8. Lee says:

    It’s really just a shame that the “shift” noted in this article, aimed at not wasting a vote, forces people into voting for what they see as the lesser of two evils……maybe if CNN, MSNBC, and FOX would pull their collective heads out of the over fattened asses of the other candidates and give this country true and equal journalism this debate wouldn’t even be neccessary…Dr. Paul would be landsliding McCain and Romney.

  9. blindfollower says:

    slavery is good becuase it produces less carbon emissions.

  10. capital L says:

    “that the mainstream media has conspired against us because RON PAUL’s views are constitutional ”


    Oh you fanatics. Much fun.

  11. Brewdidds says:

    Do you have a neato chart that compares his media attention with all this. Oh wait, what media attention! I guess this kind of attention will draw all kinds of support. Now I may be putting myself out on a line, but could it possible that he has a stringent Internet following is because the Internet is truly the only “Free Press”? Could be.

    I think this quote sums up what is going on.

    “Our Job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have”
    Former President of CBS News Richard Salant


  12. brian says:

    Perhaps he has failed to gain more momentum because even when he wins (yes, he won Louisiana), or comes in 2nd place, like Nevada, the media still refuses to cover him in a positive way.
    If you still need more proof of this MSM conspiracy– try finding out the final vote tally for the Maine caucuses. Ron Paul came in 2nd and they are refusing to release the results, saying only that Romney won.
    There is currently a RICO suit filed against all MSM media for voter fraud in this election due to the lack of coverage for Ron Paul. Perhaps this newspaper would like to join the rest??

  13. Peacenik says:

    The above posts are correct. It is the media. They seldom speak of Ron Paul, when they do, its ‘the dark horse’ or he can’t win, but… they do not let him in debates even thought he has raised more money than any other republican, why is that?
    Perfect example of the media’s influence and game playing. John McCain, 2 months ago he was about out, and so low in polls, had no money was about to call it quits! But, here come the media..started showing his mug all over the TV, talk shows, news, you name it, everything was John McCain..started saying his poll numbers were rising…a lot of attention at debates, etc. The media pushed him to the front. And he is not what he appears. Google and read about the mean bad tempered jerk he is.
    No, for all you who do not want to take Ron Paul serious, remember, the Constitution was what we lived by, it was written to protect the people. Ron Paul wants to follow the rules of the Constitution. Read it, then you will understand where he is coming from. If you love this country, there is one man, and only one that will treat America and the world the way we deserve.
    peace. Them most important commodity we have. Peace.

  14. brian says:

    capital L – If you actually opened your eyes, you would see the truth. Unfortunately for you, you have chosen to accept the blue pill. Consider joining us by taking the red pill, as Neo did in the Matrix, and facing reality.

  15. brian says:

    Take a quick read, Capital L

  16. brian says:

    Well said, peacenik. I’m from Iowa and watched the events unfold exactly as you mentioned. The MSM is “advertising” the candidates, just like the advertise a new energy drink or pickup truck. And some folks don’t seem to believe that the media has any bearing on the results. If that were true, why spend millions on it? And then the free publicity can easily add up to 10 times the exposure of a single 30 second ad.

  17. Darryl Schmitz says:

    If nothing else, this election will erase any complaint we might have in the future about not ever having an honest, consistent candidate to vote for.
    When our economic house of cards collapses, the Business As Usual president we have elected, whether from the Republican or Democratic party, will be like a deer in the headlights, and every worthless politician in Washington will be scrambling to A) protect their own assets and B) covering their asses by pointing the finger at everyone but themselves.
    It’s sickening, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

  18. Richard Wicks says:

    I’m wondering when in the midst of the financial crackup of SIVs and CDOs McCain’s past as being part of the Keating 5 will come up in the mainstream “media”?

  19. Erik D says:

    I now totally believe that the war loving, evil, and very powerful establishment is pulling the strings of our country and this article is and example of this. First he gets no media attention except media like this article. check out this site –
    see the support he truly has. Not what the MSM would like you to think.
    “We the People” need to stop reading this trash and do our own research in to the real facts.
    This does present some problems though, You may find things that you were not looking for.

  20. Doug says:

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel
    Bauer Rothschild

  21. Eric says:

    It has been quite obvious that the media has an agenda and that agenda appears to be getting the most liberal republican in the white house. Honestly, McCain is low on cash and if the media didn’t hype him before the Florida primary he would have come in second or third and would have ended him bid right there.

    If the media were to give equal time to each candidate then I believe that Ron Paul would be much higher in the polls then he is currently. Must give the man credit for getting to where he is when the media appears to be trying to end his campaign. You also have to give him credit for being the only candidate to speak the truth and not to pander to the voters. He’s an honest guy with great wisdom and he has earned my vote.

  22. Women for Ron Paul says:

    If the media pushed him as much as they’ve shoved fringers and empty suits like Hillary and Obama down our throats, people might not be so reluctant to actually study up on his positions and issues, and find out that he’s the only true Republican that hasn’t been poisoned by the war mongering CFR liberals.

    Good lord, when will we ever have a real Republican to vote for that doesn’t have ‘questionable’ ties to these groups? Even Huckabee has been compromised which is why he got so much press suddenly. He’s not even a FISCAL conservative.

  23. Tano says:

    I just laugh at the glorious irony of it all. After a generation of Republicans whining about the great evil media conspiracy, that little ol’ meme is being used against the Republican party.

    My advice to Paulians.
    No movement as revolutionary as yours can succeed in the small time frame of a single primary election cycle. If you believe what you believe, then you gotta be in it for the long run.

    And if you are committed to a long-term effort at persuading your fellow citizens, then know this – there is nothing that smacks of “loser” more than this “media conspiracy” whining that seems to be the meme of the moment.

    The media is always going to report on stories that win them the most eyeballs for their advertisers. If you want to be serious about your movement, you should learn how to work with and manipulate this reality, not whine about how unfair it all is.

  24. Dave Schuler says:

    But, Tano, complaining about conspiracies is so much easier and so much more satisfying to bruised egos than realizing that not everyone agrees with you and a little organization and persuasion might be necessary.

  25. Blonduxo says:

    James Joyner what nonsense you write. Why don’t you practice a little investigative journalism, stimulate your curiosity and find out what is really going on? Research the underlying methodology for one and then check a few facts. Capital L, Tano and Dave: “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”
    Ron Paul is in it for the long haul. The Revolution is just beginning.

  26. Anthony says:

    The headline should be “Huckabee flatlines” since his line is also flat the last month. Or else, you could look at Maine or Nevada and say “Ron Paul Spikes”. Or you could look at McCain and say “McCain Yawns”… which is what I do when I read this sorry non-story.

  27. MJ says:

    If anything is flat-lining its the American Spirit within certain portions of the Republican Party.
    Ron Paul represents a great opportunity for the Republicans. If they don’t want him than we will do and their members, and contributors that support him. We want him in office!!!!

    Go RON PAUL!!!!!!

    Thank you for mentioning Ron Paul and providing a forum for dialog!!!!


    Freedom does not exist without the Constitution.
    Every other candidate wants to increase spending since when did Republicans become Big Brother Big Government???????

    Paul doesn’t whine about the media he uses their time to get the message out and then tells us the truth about their time on our time. Huckabee WHINES about the time and the media bias…watch the California debates…

  28. George Dance says:

    “He … isn’t up substantially from six months ago.”

    Look at your chart again. Six months ago Paul wasn’t even on the chart.

  29. TommyTomTom says:

    I guess when all else fails blame the media. Mike Huckabee also didn’t get much media attention before the Iowa poll surge. He campaigned in Iowa hard and as his poll numbers went up he received more media coverage. Ron Paul’s most fertile ground was in New Hampshire, a lot of pundits predicted that he would do well in NH, he came in fifth. He now has 6 delegates, 34 less then Mike Huckabee, and 1 more the Fred Thompson who dropped out after SC. No movement in the national polls, and in the five highly contested primary states he has sequentially received less percentage of the vote. Attempting to pick off mostly ignored caucus states will not work. And for final proof that Ron Paul has no chance, Rudy Giuliani the guy who dropped out, received more votes in Florida alone then Ron Paul has this entire election season in all the states.

  30. Abe says:

    Ron Paul is not flatlining. He is just now building momentum. Think about the large majority of the anti-war vote that went to McCain in the NH exit polls. Those people obviously didn’t know what the heck they were voting for in “Hundred Year War” McKill. Every dollar donated, every commercial ran, every door knocked will keep growing this movement.

  31. Trina says:

    Why do people talk about “wasting” a vote? Aren’t you supposed to vote for who you want in office, then the votes get counted, and you find out who won? I thought that was the whole idea behind this process! And why would voting for Ron Paul be “wasting” a vote?! “Wasting” a vote is called “not voting”!

  32. julie says:

    The Media is trying to control our pick…why did i not see this ten years ago? I guess i have finally woken up, and now see the real truth. I do not want msm to control me, and the country! When will people wake up!/?!?!

    Ron Paul Revolution!!!

  33. RWB says:

    Interesting – everyone blames the media instead of the real culprit. The media and the public are in a mutual feedback loop. The media feeds us what we want to hear, and the so called conservative Republican party really does not want to hear a real conservative message. That is why a president that cuts taxes then spends like a drunken Democrat is considered as the uber-conservative by the party. The Republicans are as much conservsatives as the Wall Street lawyer with a Harley he rides on weekends is a biker.

  34. Uncle Pinky says:

    There is currently a RICO suit filed against all MSM media for voter fraud in this election due to the lack of coverage for Ron Paul. Perhaps this newspaper would like to join the rest??

    Uh-oh. Better look out James, this here newspaper is treading on thin ice. I’d hate to see you charged with “voter fraud” due to your scurrilous “lack of coverage”, but I’ve got to admit that I’d love to see the filings. Please post them when available.

  35. David K. Meller says:

    Far from “flatlining”, Ron Paul’s quest for the nomination has achieved remarkable, almost superhuman results if one considers the media (both print and electronic) embargo of his campaign.

    With the exception of the internet,almost all of the mainstream coverage of Ron Paul’s campaign has been ignorant, small-minded, and poll-driven. No attention was (or is) given to his positions, still less why his positions are indispensible to the peace and freedom of our country and the world!

    Entire weeks have gone by without a SINGLE mention of Ron Paul in major newspapers or the idiot boxes which characterises coverage of the most important election in our country in a very long time.

    Oh well, at least you spelled Ron Paul’s name correctly in your silly little “flatlining” piece!

    Now, maybe if you could discuss his health care policy recommendation, his disengagement from overseas alliances which no longer serve the interests of the USA, his demands that the so-called “war-on-drugs” and “war-on-terror” end with the restoration of our civil liberties and the Constitution, his reminding us of the absolute necessity of avoiding national bankruptcy with the restoration of 100% constitutional monsy and the aboltion of the criminal Federal Reserve, and his case for doing away with the Federal Income tax, maybe this website would be worth reading!

    David K. Meller

  36. Vlad says:

    Ron Paul just received 19% in Maine. That’s almost double what his Iowa 10% and more than double than his NH 8%. Why would anyone still listen to pollsters? They have been wildly wrong so far. They put Giuliani as the front runner and McCain as the inevitable loser the day before he won NH. Their inability to account for the vote of the cell phone users is clearly effecting their ability to make any sort of accurate predictions. With 19% in Maine, clearly Ron Paul is at the very least a credible contender. Why would anyone dismiss him at this point? More importantly, if his numbers have doubled since last month, how can anyone say that his campaign is flat lining? If anything, it’s gathering up steam.

  37. Tim Gallien USMC says:

    We all have been living a nightmare. A vision D. Eisenhower warned of in his 1961 farewell address to the nation. In his address, Eisenhower warned of the corruption of our government, our society, and our culture by the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. It seems that as a nation, we have not listened. Eisenhower’s dire vision has become our reality. And from this fearful dream, this nation is waking. Our eyes are opening to the truth collectively for the first time. WE THE PEOPLE are finding that we have been subjugated, placated into ignorance and fear, lied to by the very people we have entrusted to preserve and protect our rights, liberties, and our constitution. Many will turn away in fear of truth and close their eyes once again. To open our eyes to this reality, is to also understand that we are all responsible for it as well. complacency and dependence upon the machine keeps THE PEOPLE in line because it is convenient and safe. We have sold our souls. We have as a nation let this happen to ourselves.
    My heart breaks for the people of this nation. Our government wages war upon our freedoms, liberties, and our constitution. I watch our republic’s destruction, not to the sound of guns or bombs, but to the sound of thunderous applause of those held captive by terrified patriotic blindness, guided by the propaganda of fear, as we give our rights and even the lives of our fellow man for the profit of the corrupt. A fear that is erasing our great history of freedom and repeating itself 70 years later with another dictatorship of war, under the guise of homeland security and the protection of the people.
    With love and openness, we can overcome ignorance and fear. It is our right as the people, and my duty as a United States MARINE written into our constitution by our founding fathers, entrusted to us, by the people, to ensure that our liberty, freedom, and the constitution never again become the subjugation of the corruption that we have wrought upon ourselves. We must take back our country, and give it to the people. So let us open our hearts, take responsibility, and make our HOPE become our reality. Lets begin REVOLUTION. His name

    Dr. Ron Paul

  38. Cray Martin says:

    I have read all the comments and I could sum this all by 6 rules:

    1. People are inherently stupid and like to live in their own protected worlds within their minds, making themselves ignorant. This creates a multiverse of retardation and idiocy within thought. People tend to group with others with similar thought, therefor several multiverse coagulate and combine into a few numerically small, but expansively larger universes of bias.

    2. There are individuals free from a constrained world within thier mind, people of intellegence, however they are greatly less than those who chose to live in idiocy. Thier ideas often lead them to coalesce with others to create isolated universes of fairness, however they are subject to the greater constraints of those who control the real world they live in, those the worlds and universes of ignorance, idiocy and bias.

    3. The main stream media is owned by corporations, and corporations are run by people. People also make and report the news. Because people own and run the media, the media is subject more to the idiocy and retardation of individuals and bias of those in control of the corporations who own the media, than those not bound to a world. (Refer to rule 1 and 2 about people and some people).

    4. One attemping to awaken an individual from thier world may find this fairly undifficult, as it is one world colliding with another, an equal match. The more there are to convince a smaller, the easier to persuade. However if one attempts to awaken several multiverse at once, or even attempt to take on a universe, they will ultimately fail. One cannot overcome many all at once.

    5. There are too many bound by to own worlds of ignorance, and too many massively combined universes of bias, for any individual not bound to one world, or a smaller fair universe to overcome.

    6. Those not bound to one world and are intelligent will always fail at overcoming the larger multiverse of ignorance, idiocy, and bias. This can be proven by light vs. dark.

    Light exists because there is a energy source to create it.

    All light producing energy sources are finite in the universe.

    Light will eventually succumb to darkness.

    Darkness will always overcome light.

  39. Tlaloc says:

    Messianic Libertarians would seem a contradiction in terms, and yet *there* it is…

  40. Undertoad says:

    There is currently a RICO suit filed against all MSM media for voter fraud in this election due to the lack of coverage for Ron Paul.

    There sure isn’t. This doesn’t rise above hoax level.

    And it’s kinda weird poker tell that his supporters desperately want RICO interference. Dr. Paul surely finds the RICO laws to be some of the most unconstitutional laws on the books.

  41. Adam says:

    Silly conclusion indeed. Ron Paul has received about 2% of the coverage as others from the start, while mostly described as “fringe candidate” or “long shot”. If he received equal time (50 times the coverage he received), you don’t think he would be among the leaders if not far head?

    Initially one of the major excuses used for not covering RP was that he can’t raise enough money to be a viable candidate. As a result his poll numbers suffered from the start.

    In the meantime Huckabee, with less money and name recognition, was promoted by the cable networks and others. Thus his numbers shot up. McCain was pronounced dead at one point and thus his poll numbers slid sharply. Then the media promoted him again and his numbers shot up again.

    The mass media’s promotion of different candidates at different times while censoring of others is what decides. The debates are not debates when you give some candidates 4 times the the time. This would be found unacceptable in any true democracy.

    The real story of this campaign is the massive and active grass roots movement that has formed around Ron Paul, which would have attracted others to look into him if reported. It’s absolutely amazing how far he has come despite the mass media ignoring and/or marginalizing him from the start at every turn.

    The reason why Ron Paul has not done better is because our mass media has once again betrayed their profession and important responsibility towards democracy.

  42. Mark Jaquith says:

    Could it be that hard-core libertarians are just a relatively small group? That, despite being organized and enthusiastic, there aren’t enough of them to elect a president? Barring a better explanation, I’m leaning in that direction.

    I think that’s right. It’s anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. And that’s not enough to get the job done. At least not yet. But there is reason to have hope. 5 percent of the population can raise a hell of a lot of money and put on one hell of an underdog campaign. And 5 percent of the population can get 15 or 20 percent of the vote in some states (Nevada, Maine). And if a libertarian were packaged correctly (and as much as I support Ron Paul, I do not think he’s an ideal candidate from a packaging perspective), he could pull in a lot of non-libertarian Conservatives and Republicans. Think Ronald Reagan with a more consistent philosophy of freedom.

  43. Boyd says:

    There James goes again, trolling for hits…

    You should at least hand out tinfoil hats for your regular readers when you publish RP posts, just so we can blend in with the crowd.

  44. Joe Surrling says:

    The MSM (mainstream media) has been ignoring Paul for a LONG time. Paul is the only candidate who cares about the loss of US sovereignty. Even as late as 1999, he was trying to restore US sovereignty over the Panama Canal. Not only is Panama a small, insignificant country, in his view, but little by little it is being taken over by Communist China. So, all of our trade will be managed by Marxist countries! NAFTA would not be such a big problem now if the US had retained its total sovereignty over trade in Latin America. Restore the Panama Canal to the United States! Vote Ron Paul!!

  45. RemSteele says:




  46. Ron Lawl says:

    Jim_NYC: “Perception is everything. Elections are decided by the uninformed. You know it, I know it, a lot of people know it.”

    Gee, where have we heard this tactic before? Oh, I know…

    Paultards still don’t get it.
    Paultards attempt to use a little “pshycology”

    Ron Paul has the highest disapproval rating of any other republican. The exit polls show that only something like 6% of the people in bloody NEW HAMPSHIRE honestly believed that Ron Paul was the best man for the job. But you Paultards are still convinced that everyone really DOES want Ron Paul as president, they’re just too “scared” to admit it!

    The problem with you Paultards is that you seem to think that the 97% of America who don’t support Ron Paul are stupid and sheeplike, so you attempt to act in a stupid way in order to “appeal” to them, rather than just sitting down like a regular human being and LISTENING to them. Which only turns more people off.

  47. Dodd says:

    If the Paulbots have taught us anything, it’s that they’re not really part of the GOP primary pool in the sense other poll respondents are. They’re on board for Ron Paul, not selecting a nominee to represent the Republican Party in November. Naturally their goals and reactions to (and perceptions of) the race are different.

    I’ve never seen any polling specific to the issue, but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that over 40% of them have never voted in a GOP primary (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage was higher than 60).

  48. Hilmar says:

    The beauty of the Ron Paul campaign is how we all act in UNITY as a COLLECTIVE. I was never in politics until I went to a RP campaign and then I discovered the power that a collective can gain when we put all of our differences aside. The Ron Paul movement is growing. Soon we will ALL support Dr. Paul. Our movement is TOTALLY awesome. Absolutely!

  49. Forrest says:

    Only RON PAUL stands for individual freedom. Only Dr. Paul can prevent the United Nations and other forms of world government from taking away our freedom as individuals.
    Dr. Paul spent much of his career tirelessly campaigning against Marxism and world government and other forms of global society, cross-cultural education and totalitarianism. He believes in the “golden rule” foreign policy, which is that world bankers and communists should not take over OUR country. The NAFTA superhighway is the direct result of the loss of US sovereignty over the Panama Canal. Restore the US flag over North-South and East-West trade! Restore US sovereignty! Vote Ron Paul!

  50. Hans says:

    Some bloggers here are worried that Dr. Paul is not a good Republican. But Dr. Paul appeals to people like me who were good patriots and supported Bush but got disillusioned and felt betrayed. A year ago we were thinking we would have to vote for a Democrat for the first time in our lives. Then we found out about Paul’s Message, of TRUE and total American Sovereignty against the United Nations and all world government. Dr. Paul opposed the UN-backed wars in Iraq that have zapped our economy and sovereign pride. He supported having Congress declare war, not the UN. So, die-hard Republicans can relax, Ron Paul is taking votes from Democrats, not Republicans. Only Dr. Paul is a true, anti-UN patriot.

  51. Peita says:

    I agree with Hans. I never would vote for Democrats, but what is a good patriot to do when your country sells itself to the world government? Dr. Paul is the absolute answer to fight against the UN. Bush’s war is an extension of his father’s UN-backed war. Bush showed his love of the UN when he rejoined UNESCO and continued fighting for the UN. Soon we will not be able to conduct home schooling or defend ourselves with guns or practice our freedom if we have to obey world government. We will all be learning foreign languages and foreign cultures rather than English and American culture. We need to get the foreign flags off US soil, and restore the US flag in Panama in order to retake the North American continent under American sovereignty and stop the North American Union. Vote Ron Paul!

  52. Benny says:

    The first time I attended a Ron Paul rally, I was so impressed by His Revelations of how global bankers and global educators our trying to take away our country. I reached in my pocket, and gave him all my money except for the bus fare I needed to go home. The Ron Paul campaign has shown its genius at raising money. Otherwise we would never have gotten headlines. I will continue to give him money until He has taken back our sovereignty and ended the power of greedy bankers, the NAFTA superhighway and all the other money-grabbing globalists. Obey the U.S. Constitution! Long live America!

  53. Exron says:

    Maybe this isn’t the place to ask, but my friend or ex-friend used to be a Ron Paul supporter because he liked his stance on limited government, personal liberty, and the war. But the more he found out about his stance against IRS, the UN, Panama Canal and the rest, he changed his mind. Our Ron Paul meet-up group sends him hundreds of hate emails a day, hoping to convince him of our certainty and absolute confidence in Ron Paul Teachings, to win back our prodigal son. Any advice on maintaining the purity and sanctity of the Ron Paul meet-up groups? Anyone else dealing with defections now?

  54. Brewdidds asked, “Do you have a neato chart that compares his media attention with all this.”

    I do. 🙂

    According to Google Trends Ron Paul is getting less coverage than Giuliani, even after the latter dropped out of the race. (Look at the “news reference volume” section—it’s the bottom chart of the two.)

  55. Dodd says:

    The beauty of the Ron Paul campaign is how we all act in UNITY as a COLLECTIVE. I was never in politics until I went to a RP campaign and then I discovered the power that a collective can gain when we put all of our differences aside. The Ron Paul movement is growing. Soon we will ALL support Dr. Paul. Our movement is TOTALLY awesome. Absolutely!

    It concerns me a little that, while I suspect this might be a parody, I honestly can’t tell for sure.

    This, however, is far too unsubtle to be effective parody:

    Maybe this isn’t the place to ask, but my friend or ex-friend used to be a Ron Paul supporter because he liked his stance on limited government, personal liberty, and the war. But the more he found out about his stance against IRS, the UN, Panama Canal and the rest, he changed his mind. Our Ron Paul meet-up group sends him hundreds of hate emails a day, hoping to convince him of our certainty and absolute confidence in Ron Paul Teachings, to win back our prodigal son. Any advice on maintaining the purity and sanctity of the Ron Paul meet-up groups? Anyone else dealing with defections now?

  56. James Moore says:

    You want to see flatlines? Check out Paul and Huckabee are the only Republicans who have NOT flatlined. Paul’s and Huckabee’s groups have the most members by far. And Paul’s groups have over 105,000 members, compared to Huckabee’s 16,000+.

    If grassroots support is used as a measure, Paul towers over the field by such a wide margin it’s surreal.

  57. James Moore, you ought to say, “If online support were used as a measure…” Paul doesn’t have grassroots support or else he’d be performing at least as well as Huckabee.