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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Mu Yixiao says:

    This post isn’t showing up on the front page. I even checked with a browser that has never loaded the site before.

    It does, however, show up in my RSS feed.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Hmm. It loaded for me right away in Chrome but it’s not there in Edge or Firefox.

  3. Mu Yixiao says:

    I tried Chrome (two different profiles), Firefox, Konqueror, and Falkon (I didn’t even know I had that installed).

    Also, Falkon threw up an SSL mismatch, where the others didn’t.

  4. James Joyner says:

    @Mu Yixiao: I sent a note to my IT guy. It strikes me as some sort of caching issue. Some people are seeing posts but most aren’t. Ditto comments.

  5. CSK says:

    I found this by going to OTB’s Twitter account. The front page is exactly as it was when it went offline last night. And I can’t post there.

  6. Mu Yixiao says:

    This, my friends, is why you need an RSS client. 🙂

    (I’m an RSS evangelical. I can’t understand why more people aren’t using it–on both ends.)

  7. James Joyner says:

    @Mu Yixiao: I was an RSS user for a long time but gradually got out of the practice when Google Reader folded. I never found a substitute that met my needs in the same way.

  8. Sleeping Dog says:

    Couldn’t see the updated site till now and using Chrome.

    And on the depressing virus front

    How the Coronavirus Short-Circuits the Immune System

    Now researchers have discovered yet another unpleasant surprise. In many patients hospitalized with the coronavirus, the immune system is threatened by a depletion of certain essential cells, suggesting eerie parallels with H.I.V.

    The findings suggest that a popular treatment to tamp down the immune system in severely ill patients may help a few, but could harm many others. The research offers clues about why very few children get sick when they are infected, and hints that a cocktail of drugs may be needed to bring the coronavirus under control, as is the case with H.I.V.

    Can Covid Damage the Brain?

    has struggled with fevers, headaches, dizziness and a brain fog so intense it feels like early dementia.


    According to Dr. Mady Hornig, a psychiatrist and epidemiologist at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, the possibility that neurological issues “will persist and create disability, or difficulties, for individuals downstream is really looking more and more likely.”

  9. MarkedMan says:

    @Mu Yixiao: Haven’t used RSS in years as blog layouts became more complicated. Any client in particular you recommend?

  10. Mister Bluster says:

    KUDOS to the IT guy.

  11. CSK says:

    Back at last.

  12. Jay L Gischer says:

    I am also an RSS user. I use Feedly. I do not have the same expectations for it as with Google Reader, but it does ok with letting me know there is a post I’d like to see. I see the headline and the published text. If it’s interesting, I go to the site by clicking the headline. That seems to be working ok. If it’s a discussion I want to track, I leave the tab open and refresh.

  13. Kathy says:

    Does it seem to anyone else the main reason Trump wants to win reelection, is so he can keep holding rallies for another four years?

  14. Michael Cain says:

    @James Joyner: Said yesterday that you were optimistic :^) So, what sort of interaction between New WordPress, new PHP, new/old theme code, and the odd bit of Javascript was it?

  15. CSK says:

    Oh, hell, Kath; that was why he wanted to win election in 2016.

  16. charon says:

    I have seen this reported many places now, but in case you missed it, Sean Hannity asked Trump about his plans to accomplish in a second term.

    From NYmag:

    It happened Thursday during a Wisconsin town hall when the Fox News host teed Trump up

    Trump’s response to this softball:

    Well, one of the things that will be really great, you know the word experience is still good. I always say talent is more important than experience. I’ve always said that. But the word experience is a very important word. It’s an — a very important meaning.

    I never did this before. I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington, I think, 17 times. All of a sudden, I’m president of the United States. You know the story. I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our First Lady and I say, ‘This is great. But I didn’t know very many people in Washington. It wasn’t my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now I know everybody, and I have great people in the administration.”

    You make some mistakes. Like, you know, an idiot like Bolton. All he wanted to do was drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to kill people.

    Dude’s cognitive impairment becoming increasingly apparent.

  17. charon says:

    Here is another example of how Trump’s mind is working:

  18. CSK says:

    Speaking of cognitive impairment, he told a crowd assembled at a Wisconsin shipyard the other day that a frigate could fight on land, sea, and air.

  19. CSK says:

    Oh, ffs. What was that utter gibberish in reference to?

  20. charon says:


    Not clear which of two gibberish you are asking about. First example asked about his priorities for a second term. Second example commenting on Coronavirus.

  21. flat earth luddite says:

    James, I’m going to let you edit/add the web link. As usual, this Luddite can’t get it past your spam filter. Chrome, Foxfire, Bong, it doesn’t matter. Sigh. And the video is TOO funny.

    And it’s going, going, gone. It’s a grand slam Homer!

    Seriously, it’s got it all. Satanistas, deep state-istas, “stuff’s gotta breathe” istas. As Inspector Gadget used to say, “Wowsers, Penny!”

    Palm Beach County commissioners voted unanimously to make masks mandatory in public buildings. Residents expressed their anger at the decision.

    June 2020 video of Palm Beach FL city council meeting. Seriously, stuff’s gotta breathe?

  22. CSK says:

    The coronavirus. I’d already heard the pathetic stream of babble about his second term.
    I suppose his devotees love this stuff because they can read whatever they want into it.

  23. Mu Yixiao says:


    I run Linux (Fedora with a KDE spin). I use Akregator. I have no clue what’s out there for Win or Mac.

    One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that so many people seem to be relying on “service” solutions rather than local apps. I understand the appeal, but I’ve also seen so many people get burned and lose their feeds because a service shut down… while I’ve just been able to “keep on keeping on”.

  24. Mu Yixiao says:

    @James Joyner:

    I was an RSS user for a long time but gradually got out of the practice when Google Reader folded. I never found a substitute that met my needs in the same way.

    I’m guessing that you, like many, want an “RSS service” rather than an “RSS client”.

    I don’t know what you want from an RSS feed. For me it’s simple: Let me know when new articles have been posted. I’ll go to the site and read it.

    An excerpt is nice, so I can filter.

    A full posting is great–but even so, I still frequently go to the site to see embedded media, slideshows, etc., and to read (and/or engage in) comments.

  25. Jim Brown 32 says:

    Glad the site is back up and running–had trouble loading on my computer this morning. In other news–feel free to check out ole Jim Brown’s corona quarantine project linked at my name. Why should Matt Drudge get to have all the fun?

  26. An Interested Party says:

    James, I appreciate your response to my question about D.C. statehood on yesterday’s open thread, but when you wrote:

    2. But that would create a new problem that would require a Constitutional amendment: the 26th Amendment gives DC three Electoral College votes. Absent amendment, the new state would have three Electors but so would the rump District. While there’s an argument from a Democratic Party perspective that this would balance out inequities in the current system, it would be untenable.

    (I think you meant the 23rd Amendment) I’m curious why that would be untenable? I keep seeing arguments on both sides of the issue but I wonder if the ultimate answer will be decided by 5 members of SCOTUS…

  27. Jax says:

    @Jim Brown 32: Thanks, Jim, I bookmarked it!

  28. Liberal Capitalist says:

    Not for nothing…

    Remember me saying yesterday that I was going to head down to FL? The intent was to be there to receive my 69 Vette, once it shipped down there.

    When I went to pick up the car here in Denver, the front passenger side fender was out of alignment at the base of the A pillar. Since it’s fiberglass, you can’t just whip out a socket wrench and make a quick correction.

    So all the packing, all the prep, coordination of an auto transport service… wasted.

    On the other hand, the Cult 45 Presidentially Mandated 2nd Stage Covid-19 Outbreak is setting record numbers in God’s Sun Belt, so maybe OK that we didn’t go at this time.

    I caught the news this evening, and Karen, in Florida, not wearing a mask of course, was all in a huff because she couldn’t even buy a cocktail (can you even IMAGINE!), since the bars have been closed.. And there is not even a manager that she could demand to see !!!

  29. Just nutha ignint cracker says: