Apparently, both InstaPundit and VodkaPundit like sex. They apparently liked sex even when they were single, which apparently upset some people. No word on this topic from CalPundit, Daily Pundit, Business Pundit, SpaztiPundits, Neophyte Pundit, or Peoria Pundit–the only other pundit-named blogs on my rolls.

Judging from the early indicators, however, I believe it safe to extrapolate: Pundits like sex.

Update (1607): Bloggers without Pundit in their name are much more prudish. Not only does Meryl Yourish automatically delete email dealing with S*E*K*S WITH KANGAROOS!!! but she not only won’t participate in porn, she won’t even type it except as pRon. Now, sure, this is an N of 1, but it’s good enough for the big newspapers and Tom Friedman, it’s good enough for a free blog.

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James Joyner
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  1. Why are we pundits?

    It’s all about the babes, James. It’s all about the babes.

  2. Rob says:

    Here is one pundit who thinks “likes” is an understatement. Sometimes I worry my libido will kill my wife. I was always responsible with premarital sex, and I actually think it is a bad thing to wait until you are married. One of the keys to good sex is to be comfortable with it, and not have any “sex is dirty” type of hangups. I think religious people who wait until marriage sometimes have this, and their sex life suffers as a result. I read all the time about women who have never had an orgasm, how terrible is that? Life is too short for bad sex.