Manchin Won the Debt Ceiling Fight

Neither Republicans nor Democrats are happy. But one man is.

Is Twitter DeSantis’ Problem?

A columnist argues his failed launch was emblematic of a larger problem.

Age Limits? (not Term Limits)

It is something we need to think about.

China Calling in its Loans to Poor Countries

Debt-trap diplomacy has finally come home to roost.

Biden Neutral on Turkish Elections

Normal diplomacy with an abnormal ally.

Kyrsten Sinema Mixes Pleasure and Business

Running for office or just running?

Turkey’s Elections

Don’t get your hopes up.

Unrest in Pakistan

Corruption charges against the former premier have sparked rioting.

Trump, Hamilton, and the Electoral College

Don’t blame the primary author of The Federalist for our current mess.

Sandra Day O’Connor and Bush v Gore

New documents reveal the internal deliberations of the Court.

Unrepresentative Democracy and Child Labor

We’re getting weird policies almost nobody is asking for.

Professional Shoplifters

A few people are committing the lion’s share of petty thefts in America’s biggest city.

Class Sorting in American Politics

Most high-income Congressional Districts are Democratic and low-income Districts are Republican.

The Importance of Institutional Design (Part Lots)

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles sparks a thought.

Republicans and Democratic Backsliding

When winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Finland’s Ordinary Election

A refreshing instance of normal democratic politics amid interesting times.

Pro-Trump Rioting Prospects Dim

Calls for violence have been widespread but are unlikely to be heeded.

A “No Labels” Candidate?

A hypothetical spoiler for 2024? (Stress on “hypothetical”).

Universal Voting Rights

DC has radically expanded its electorate.

Never Trumpers Never Win

Being against something just isn’t enough.

The Democrats’ Patriotism Problem?!

Whither American civil religion?

Biden Too Old! Trump Pretty Old Too!

Another poll showing the same thing as the other polls.

Dilbert Canceled

Newspapers across the country are dropping the popular strip over a racist rant.

Fox Hosts Knew Election Claims Were B.S.

They went all-in on the Big Lie and we now have the receipts that they knew what they were doing.

The Weakness of US Parties Illustrated Yet Again

The primary calendar debate shows, yet again, that parties don’t fully control candidate selection.

Democrats Upend Primary Cycle. At Least for 2024. Maybe.

South Carolina and Georgia win! Iowa loses! New Hampshire whines!

The Paul Pelosi Video

Why was it released to the public?

General Preparing for War With China!

Playing two-level games.

On the Number of Parties 4: The Oddity of Two, Part 1

A real example of American exceptionalism.

Mitt Romney’s Future

The anti-Trump Republican could find re-election difficult.

A Thought or Two on Negotiating the Debt Limit

The Biden administration has a point.

Primaries and Party Evolution

Open access to party labels has consequences.

[Top Secret Clip Art] [Top Secret Clip Art]

Biden’s Classified Documents!

Just like Trump’s except for every important detail.

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Presidential Palace, Congress, and Supreme Court

Latin America’s answer to Donald Trump has his own insurrection attempt.

On Polling and Media Narratives

Some thoughts on polling and the news since 2016.

The Chaos is the Point

The anti-McCarthy holdouts have no end game.

GOP Clown Show Continues

After two days of futility, a deal is coming together to make futility permanent.

Zealots and Pluralists

A moderate Republican almost diagnoses the problem.

The Perfect President

What Americans say they want in the Oval Office.

Richard Shelby and the Old Senate

“You can’t be against everything.”

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Pence

The past just won’t let him be.

Election Reform Through the Back Door

Electoral Count Act reforms are “hidden” in the bipartisan budget bill.

Omnibus Bill Has Everything But the Kitchen Sink

A 4155-page, $1.65 trillion dollar budget deal has been reached.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Cinco De Mayo reception Thursday, May 5, 2022, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith) President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Cinco De Mayo reception Thursday, May 5, 2022, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

Biden’s Running. Really.

The President will be the 2024 Democratic nominee. Get used to it.

Dems Considering Releasing Trump Tax Records

It would be an abuse of power.

Biden Wants Credit for Economy Worse Than the One He Inherited

Prices are coming down but they’re way higher than they were.

Convoluted Polling

Plus misleading reporting.

What Now for Stacey Abrams’ Model?

Her emphasis on turnout has helped other Democrats but she’s a two-time loser.

Rehnquist and the ‘Independent State Legislature’ Theory

The late Chief Justice was right; his successors are wrong.