On Spurious Majorities and Other Thoughts on Electoral System Critiques

Because sometimes the comment box is just too small.

The Tip O’Neill Era and Why Governing was Easier

A reminder of how things (specifically the party system as a whole) have changed.

A Consensus Speaker of the House!

More centrist fantasies.

Increased Diversity in the 118th Congress

The next Congress will look a bit more like America than did the last.

Alaska Voters Had Real Choices and Made Them

Every vote counted, with refreshing results.

Alaska Results in

MAGA loses again (twice)

Moving Away From Off-Off Year Elections

Localities are consolidating local elections to coincide with national ones. Some don’t like that.

Red and Blue States Aren’t Permanent

The margins for 2024 are likely to be slim. But that hides a larger story.

Not Both Sides

One of these things is not like the other.

Hakeem Jeffries, Fox News, and the Dangers of Sloppy Rhetoric

It would be nice if politicians and cable news outlets were more responsible.

Boebert Wins

It was a squeaker, but this one is a win for the MAGAs.

Lessons from the Fetterman Victory?

This kind of “analysis” drives me nuts

Thursday Tabs

Go ahead and pop a few.

Trump Hemmorhaging Donors and Backers

The ship is abandoning the sinking rat.

Leadership Battles in the GOP

Losing has a way of creating intraparty strife.

Republican Governors Don’t Like Trump

Alas, it probably doesn’t matter.

Trump Announces 2024 Run

Covering the coverage.

Does Campaign Money Matter?

How much is enough?

Why Stacey Abrams Ran Behind Raphael Warnock

Discrimination? Issues? Incumbency?

Election Denialism did Poorly at the Polls

The “America First” slate of candidates lost all but one contest.

Marginal Differences Magnify Individual Races

We used to (usually) know the results on Election Night because the outcomes were clearer.

“We Used to Know on Election Night!”

Well, kind of, but not really.

Nevada ‘Blue Shift’ Expected to Keep Senate Democratic

Adam Laxalt’s big lead is slowly erodiing.

What’s a “Normal” First Term Seat Loss?

Looking at some historical data.

Were the Election Outcomes Truly Unexpected?

Thinking about what was likely and what wasn’t.

Making Sense of the Election

Parsing the results thus far.

Murdoch Gunning for Trump

The New York Post and Wall Street Journal are blasting the losing loser.

Beware The Exit Polls

The numbers aren’t real. Not yet, anyway.

Republican Losers Conceding, Not Rioting

A low bar has been cleared.

Trump 2022’s Biggest Loser

The 2020 loser has doubled down on losing.

Nevada Election Results Could Take ‘Days’

Republicans hold narrow leads for Governor and Senator but . . . .

Democratic Ratfucking Worked

Boosting weak candidates in the Republican primaries paid off.

Democrats Outperform Expectations

The Needle is Broken

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Medal of Valor ceremony, Monday, May 16, 2022, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz) President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Medal of Valor ceremony, Monday, May 16, 2022, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Press Corps Demanding Press Conference

President Biden is being pressured to face the music after the midterms.

Trump Special Counsel Likely

The Justice Department is looking to inoculate itself against charges of partisanship.

Red Wave? Blue Wave? No Wave?

We really have no idea how Tuesday’s election will unfold.

Calcified Democracy

A deep dive into why our politics are so broken.

Biden Warns Democracy at Stake

Is the President governing like he means it?

The Nationalization of American Politics

Local issues barely matter in Congressional races anymore.

Congressional Control Still Too Close to Call

We likely won’t know on Election Night.

Pelosi Attack a Turning Point?

What will it take to end the cycle of violence?

Imagining a Stolen 2024 Election

It’s easy if you try.

Craziness, Disconnectedness, and a Toxic Political Climate Equals Violence

The attack at the Pelosi house should surprise no one.

Mid-Terms Polling Shows Mid-Term Pattern

The party in the White House is likely to lose seats.

Rishi Sunak Becomes UK Prime Minister

The 42-year-old billionaire makes history in many ways.

The Elusive ‘Latino Voter’

They’re a bloc but also not.

Midterm Polls Shifting Republican

The race is returning to expectation.

Democracy and ZIP Codes

The rules for voting in America vary widely.

Liz Truss Already On the Way Out?

The Brits may soon have yet another Conservative PM.