VP Little Marco?

Rubio reportedly wants the gig.

President Donald Trump visits a fourth grade classroom at Saint Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, Florida, Friday, March 3, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Note: this was written before Trump’s conviction. Rubio may now be less interested. We shall see. My guess is that he will double-down on his support .

The NYT reports that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is angling for the VP slot (Marco Rubio Wants to Be Trump’s Vice President. He Doesn’t Want to Audition). It does not produce specific evidence in the piece as to these aspirations, but the report clearly indicates that there is interest. On the one hand, I get it that Rubio must think (as did Mike Pence) that being Trump’s veep would put him on the inside track to the GOP nomination down the line. This, of course, worked out quite well for Mike Pence, as we all know.

On the other hand, it is more than noteworthy that Rubio appears willing to obsequiously defer to the man who relentlessly bullied and insulted him during the 2016 GOP primary.

Along those lines:

Mr. Trump has told advisers that Mr. Rubio would have to move out of the state to avoid a potential hurdle: The Constitution potentiallybars two residents from the same state from sharing a presidential ticket.

Mr. Rubio has lived near Miami for most of his life and is the father of three college students and a fourth in high school. Mr. Trump moved his residency to Florida in 2019, and has homes in New York and New Jersey. But he has told people that he would not change his address because voters in the state would be too upset to lose him as a resident, according to two people familiar with the conversations.

Mr. Rubio has told people that changing his residency would not be a problem, according to two people familiar with the conversations.

A spokesman for Mr. Rubio declined to comment. A Trump campaign spokesman said that only the former president knows whom he will pick for a running mate.

Well, I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get that job you really want! Still, seems like another humiliation to me. Plus, it raises the question as to what happens if a sitting US Senator officially changes residence while in office (we know that you can apparently live outside your state as long you don’t really acknowledge it).

At a minimum, I wonder how his constituents will feel about his willingness to relinquish the state he ostensibly represents in the Senate.

Rubio’s willingness to stoke the election doubt theme is a troubling sign of his desire to kowtow to Trump.

Mr. Rubio voted to certify the 2020 elections despite Mr. Trump’s pressure to overturn the results and, at the time, described democracy as “held together by people’s confidence in the election and their willingness to abide by its results.”

Last week, he raised doubts about whether the 2024 contest would be fair and blamed Democrats for undermining the credibility of elections.

As is this:

Last month, Mr. Rubio joined several other potential vice-presidential contenders in voting against a $95 billion military aid package for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine that Mr. Trump also opposed. Despite a record of strongly supporting military allies, Mr. Rubio argued that the money came at the expense of border enforcement and called it “moral extortion.”

I can understand (in the abstract) wanting to be POTUS and therefore seeing VPOTUS as a stepping stone. I certifiably believe people can change their minds. But it is an indictment of character which raises the question of whether one ought be anywhere near to power if one is so willing to change on a dime solely based on the hopes that one would be picked. It is not a good indication of Rubio’s character in the least.

For what is it worth, I am unclear on the strategic value that Rubio would add to the ticket, aside from maybe (and I mean maybe) assuaging the angst of some Haley-type Republicans.

In many ways, something like this (via CNN) seems more likely: Trump has touted potential VP picks for months. He may end up picking someone off the public’s radar.

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  1. Not the IT Dept. says:

    Personally I think Rubio has all the strategy skills of a sack of cement but let’s be fair. Maybe he figures like this: Rubio is VP GOP nominee, Trump wins, Trump loses another case and this time goes to prison (another historical first for DJT!), Rubio moves up automatically. Seems not completely out to lunch.

    Or he might be assuming that at Trump’s age and state of mental and physical health, he won’t make it to the end of another term.

  2. MarkedMan says:

    The perfect example of “There’s a sucker born every minute” and proof that the Trump con, while obvious to so many, has an audience even among the well educated and sophisticated. Quick! Name a single person that came away from an association with Trump better off. Feel free to go back even 40 or 50 years. I’m pretty sure that the answer is literally, “No one”. But here’s Rubio, ready to take his chance with the snake, sure he will be the one to finally come out ahead.

    And this is doubly likely for the VP role, just as it would be for any crucial role in Trump’s enterprises. Trump always ensures that those close to him end up with no place else to go. He needs to be their only hope of a positive outcome, so they continue on with him rather than desert the ship, as he humiliates them, destroys their reputations and gets them to do his dirty work.

  3. Lounsbury says:

    He is, if he wants it, a complete idiot.

  4. Kylopod says:

    Rubio does not have a strong track record of success in debates with former prosecutors.

  5. Neil Hudelson says:

    Rubio still doesn’t understand that some predators like to play with their prey for a bit. If Marco does move out of state, it all but guarantees Trump will choose someone else. It’s too good of a joke/humiliation to pass up.

  6. Assad K says:

    He’s reaching for it like it’s a bottle of water!

  7. Franklin says:

    @Neil Hudelson: That was my thought. Oh, please let this happen!

  8. dazedandconfused says:

    He’s not necessarily an idiot for doing this. He’s a professional politician and even the noise he is getting now is helpful. Just getting in the press is free publicity. The adage “There is no such thing as bad press in show business” applies.

    He may even be smart enough to know Trump would never select him because he’s a short guy with no charisma from a state all but in the bag already, and can only contribute bad optics.

  9. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    An interesting question for the current SCOTUS: Does the Constitutional prohibition against the candidates for President and Vice President residing in the same state matter if one or both of them have residences in more than one state? I’m sure that Alito and Thomas can figure out a handwave that the 3 Trump appointees will agree with for the win–no matter what the Chief Justice thinks.

    Who can tell? Roberts might even concur.

    ETA: Making up sh!t as you go Originalism wins again!

  10. CSK says:

    @Not the IT Dept.:

    I believe Nikki Haley and perhaps even Joni Ernst are thinking that as well.


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