Election Violence

It’s no longer just a Third World problem.

The Raft of the Medusa

The Washington Post proves that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t cover some stories neutrally.

An Example of Motivated Reasoning

Why we are where we are.

George Will’s Obtuseness

Normalizing Trump via poor analysis.

Donald Trump Removed From Maine Ballot

Another state has declared him an insurrectionist.

The Nikki Haley Comet

The anti-Trump forces are rallying around the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador.

Observations on Pence

Fading into the background is the appropriate end to his dance with MAGA.

Mike Pence Drops Out of Non-Race

The fourth place candidate for second place in the Republican primaries has taken his ball and gone home to Mother.

The Faux Haley Boomlet

The press really needs to stop trying to make fetch happen.

A Foreign Policy Election?

A competent leader versus a lunatic would seem an easy choice. Alas.

Trump and Christian Nationalism

A satisfying but unlikely explanation.

Should The Press Pick a Side?

The mainstream media isn’t and shouldn’t become a counterpart to the right-wing infotainment complex.

Romney’s Indictment of His Party

Calling out a large chunk of the GOP.

Trump’s Stranglehold on Republican Voters

The base is remaining loyal to the only candidate they think can beat Biden.

First Republican Debate of 2024 Season

Vivek Ramaswamy’s national coming out party was, well, interesting.

The Quest for a Non-Trump Republican

The Establishment is desperate for an alternative that’s not coming.

Trump vs. Bankman-Fried

A seeming case of unequal justice.

Pence Speaks the Truth

Trump asked him to overturn the election.

What Would It Take to Beat Trump for the Republican Nomination?

The former President has a 50 point lead. Is he unstoppable?

Some Comments on the Growing GOP Field

Thoughts on Pence and Christie.

Why Are So Many Republicans Running?

Are they bored? Delusional?

Trump’s Town Hall

CNN gave the former Liar in Chief a huuuge platform.

Trump’s Three Trials

The former president faces multiple criminal prosecutions.

Proud Boys Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy

The worst of the worst Capitol Riot players have been brought to justice.

It’s Good to Be Clarence Thomas

The questionable ethics of living a lavish lifestyle based on high office.

Republicans and Democratic Backsliding

When winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Ron DeSantis’ Mushy Foreign Policy

The would-be President is floundering as he tries to position himself.

Trump Isn’t Magical

The former President gets too much credit for his ability to manipulate news coverage.

National Divorce

The lunatic fringe idea is both appealing and unworkable.

GOP Candidates Must Sign Loyalty Pledge

A no-brainer that’s brainless.

Weak Parties, Part Gazillion

“The GOP” is not a singular unit.

Pence Subpoenaed by Trump Special Counsel

An aggressive but expected move.

Lackadaisical Handling of Secrets by Top Officials

It’s becoming a sad joke.

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Pence

The past just won’t let him be.

Trump Committed Four Crimes, Say January 6 Committee

The ball is now in Merrick Garland’s court.

Trump Facing Multiple Criminal Charges

The January 6 Committee is expected to make a minimum of three referrals.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS

Oath Keeper Founder Guilty of ‘Seditious Conspiracy’

A watershed moment in the prosecutions of the Capitol Rioters.

Trump Hemmorhaging Donors and Backers

The ship is abandoning the sinking rat.

Biden Running But Not Running

The re-election campaign is quietly forming but don’t expect an announcement any time soon.

Making Sense of the Election

Parsing the results thus far.

Pelosi Attack a Turning Point?

What will it take to end the cycle of violence?

The January 6 Hearings Didn’t Change Entrenched Opinion

Can American democracy survive its information bubbles?

Even the NY Post

The truth is pretty obvious.

Being Known by the Company you Keep

Meeting with people who are essentially couplotters should be disqualifying.

Cheney Way Behind

See is paying the price for her defense of democracy.

January 6 and the Collusion Trap

What is the right measure of success for the Committee investigating the Capitol riot?

Resetting Our Politics

Did Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony change anything?

Taking Notes on a Criminal Conspiracy

The Proud Boys, Trump family, and Alex Jones all filmed documentaries of their actions leading up to January 6.