Mike Johnson is Very Religious

His critics are focused on the wrong problem.

Trump Meets The Press

It turns out, he wasn’t all that truthful.

First Republican Debate of 2024 Season

Vivek Ramaswamy’s national coming out party was, well, interesting.

China’s Flailing Economy

Xi’s government is taking a drastically different approach to the slowdown.

America’s Forgotten Empire

Our Pacific territories are giving more than they’re getting.

Chinese Attack Critical Infrastructure

The US intelligence community and Silicon Valley are warning of a major threat.

Putin’s Failed Gambit

He’s turned Russia from a G-8 member to an international pariah.

Ukraine vs Taiwan

Do we have to pick one?

China Calling in its Loans to Poor Countries

Debt-trap diplomacy has finally come home to roost.

“Ukraine Fatigue Resolution”

Another bill doomed to die.

General Preparing for War With China!

Playing two-level games.

Japan’s Shift to Robust Military Ally

A more dangerous world is changing the relationship.

Matt Yglesias’ Return to His Roots

The one-time Juiceboxer is still annoying the mainstream media.

Keeping Up Foreign Relations

United States and People’s Republic of China forces are playing a dangerous game.

US Intelligence Fomenting Overseas Protests?

A 34-year CIA officer’s thoughts.

Putin’s Nuclear Gambit

The threat is not idle and the options for responding are not good.

Regime Change in Russia?

Can the unsustainable be sustained?

America’s Woeful Defense Industrial Capacity

Eighteen HIMARS and what do you get? Years older and deeper in debt.

Biden: The Pandemic Is Over

The President is getting hammered from all sides for stating the obvious.

Biden Doubles Down on Defending Taiwan

What once seemed to be ‘saying the quiet part out loud’ is now administration policy.

high-resolution photo of person, military, construction, metal, welding, industry, worker, mask, helmet, welder, build, labor, job, task high-resolution photo of person, military, construction, metal, welding, industry, worker, mask, helmet, welder, build, labor, job, task

Reshoring American Jobs?

After decades of exporting American jobs, corporations are bringing them home.

Dems in Midterms: You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

A 2020 blowout has long been presumed. But maybe it won’t happen.

Pelosi’s Ill-Advised Taiwan Visit

The Speaker’s trip was reckless, needlessly escalating an already tense situation.

China’s Worrisome Behavior

The competition is slowly ratcheting up.

Biden Continuing Trump Foreign Policy?

Normalcy is not a bad thing.

President Joe Biden welcomes ASEAN leaders to the White House,Thursday, May 12, 2022, on the South Lawn. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott) President Joe Biden welcomes ASEAN leaders to the White House,Thursday, May 12, 2022, on the South Lawn. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott)

Joe Biden is Aging (Developing Story)

The 79-year-old will be 80 on his next birthday.

US and UK Intelligence Leaders Warn of Increasing Chinese Threat

They’re stealing our secrets and working to undermine our elections.

Biden: America Will Defend Taiwan

The President continues his recent penchant for saying the quiet part out loud.

Loose Lips About Sinking Ships

The Biden Administration is constantly bragging about its actions against Russia. Is that wise?

Ukraine War Widens

The invasion has led to a series of proxy wars.

Russia Sanctions Itself in Retaliation for Western Sanctions

Vladimir Putin is banning commodity exports.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Putin’s Offramp?

It’s hard to see how this crisis ends.

It’s Not Time To Eulogize The Old Order

Pundits like Thomas Friedman struggle with premature prognostication.

Capitol Riot: One Year Later

A roundup of reflection on a somber anniversary.

US-France Submarine Contretemps

American cheese will henceforth be known as liberté cheese. And not because of the metric system.

Who Lost Afghanistan?

The postmortems are well underway.

China’s Olympic Machine

A massive investment falls just short. This time.

Nick Burns to Be China Ambassador

An exceptional choice that breaks the recent tradition of politicos in the post.

Jay Leno Apologizes for Asian Jokes

His stale jokes about eating dog have drawn fire for years.

Better Masks? More Masks?

It’s time to up our protection game.

Your Headline of the Week

A little comparative politics.

What We Don’t Know About COVID-19

Two new studies bring more questions than answers.

American Exceptionalism in Choosing the Head of State

We are truly exceptional in how we choose the president.

China Warns Hong Kong Protesters, But It Has Few Realistic Options

Beijing is warning protesters in Hong Kong that it’s restraint in the face of protests is not without limit. However, it has few realistic options when it comes to how far it can go.

Outsider Andrew Yang Raises $2.8 Million In Second Quarter

Andrew Yang has been a relatively unknown candidate for the Democratic nomination, but he’s slowly risen in the polls and raised more money in the second quarter than several experienced politicians.

Now Trump Is Attacking America’s Alliance With Japan

Not content with taking a wrecking ball to America’s trans-Atlantic alliances, the President is attacking our trans-Pacific allies as well.

Not Mollified By Concessions, Hong Kong Protests Expand

If Hong Kong’s leaders thought protesters would be satisfied with relatively minor concessions, they have significantly miscalculated the situation.

Hong Kong Leaders Suspend Consideration Of Controversial Extradition Bill

In the wake of massive protests, Hong Kong’s government begins to back away from support for a controversial extradition bill.

Oil Tankers Attacked Near Entrance To Persian Gulf, Escalating Tensions

Expanding on events that have been going on for months, two oil tankers were attacked today near the entrance to the Persian Gulf