Fact Checking in the Trump Era

Can the media fairly parse the statements of those running against President ‘Bottomless Pinocchio’?

News Media Mostly Ignoring Iraq War Critics

When it comes to Iraq, the media only seems to be giving Americans one side of the story.

60 Minutes Retracts, Apologizes For, Erroneous Benghazi Report

A story that has turned into a partisan kickball and some bad journalism have resulted in a celebrated news program getting considerable egg on its face.

AP Fires Reporters Who Falsely Reported McAuliffe Lied to Feds

Two veteran reporters, including the dean of the Virginia press corps, have been fired by the AP after falsely reporting that Terry McAuliffe lied to federal authorities.

Al Jazeera Buys Al Gore’s Current TV

Arab news giant Al-Jazeera is buying Al Gore’s failing Current TV network, hoping to get a bigger presence in the US cable market.

Bloomberg Scooped Washington Post on Post’s Santorum Drop-Out Story

The Washington Post prematurely posted that Rick Santorum was dropping out of the race on its news wire and Bloomberg made the story viral while the Post was verifying its accuracy.

Ken Mehlman is Gay and I Don’t Care

The guy who ran George W. Bush’s campaign and the Republican National Committee has realized after only 43 years that he likes dudes.

NYT Disappears Blog Post

Ezra Klein to WaPo

Elite Journalists