Tancredo Out

As was anticipated Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has abandoned his bid for his party’s nomination for the Presidency:

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo plans to drop out of the race during an announcement Thursday afternoon in Des Moines, Iowa, GOP sources close to the campaign have told FOX News.

Tancredo, who has aggressively pushed his anti-illegal immigration message throughout the GOP primary race, has not been able to break through in the polls against his better known competitors. He and California Rep. Duncan Hunter typically poll in the single digits behind Texas Rep. Ron Paul in national surveys.

With poll numbers below margin of error in most polls, to say that Tancredo’s candidacy never caught fire would be an understatement. His has been primarily a single-issue campaign and I suspect that issue will continue be discussed in the primary and general election campaigns without him. To the extent that anything of substance is being discussed in this interminable, superficial campaign, of course.

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Dave Schuler
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  1. Beldar says:


  2. Patrick T. McGuire says:

    I wonder, what does it say about the blogosphere and the MSM that his departure gets more attention than any other point in his candidacy?

  3. Dave Schuler says:

    Train wrecks get a lot more coverage than trains that go safely back and forth on their routes. Go figure.

  4. Tlaloc says:

    Train wrecks get a lot more coverage than trains that go safely back and forth on their routes

    Well put, although in fairness to PTM above, when was Tancredo’s campaign ever *not* a train wreck?

    Seems he only gets coverage when the shuddering twisted mass finally scrapes to a sparking stop.

    🙂 I like this metaphor.

  5. Tano says:

    Tancredo’s campaign has been quite the success.

    I really doubt that he ever imagined he would actually win the nomination – his goal in running was to establish his immigration position as the official line of the GOP, with hopes that it then became the official policy of the government in ’09.

    With all the GOP candidates trying their best to out-Tancredo Tancredo, he has accomplished his mission. At least the first part of it.

  6. Tano says:

    to be fair, I guess I should have written “most of the GOP candidates”….

  7. William says:

    Does his endorsement of Romney help or hurt? I mean, this IS the guy who said we should nuke Mecca and ran the debate commerical with the Mexican unibomber. Would an endorsement from David Duke be much different?

  8. TLB says:

    Discovering how William lied (previous comment) is left as an exercise to the intellectually honest reader.