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Over the years Dave Schuler has worked as a martial arts instructor, a handyman, a musician, a cook, and a translator. He's owned his own company for the last thirty years and has a post-graduate degree in his field. He comes from a family of politicians, teachers, and vaudeville entertainers. All-in-all a pretty good preparation for blogging. He has contributed to OTB since November 2006 but mostly writes at his own blog, The Glittering Eye, which he started in March 2004.

Rumor Has It…

North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, may be seriously ill.

Joint Iraqi-Iranian Operations in Tikrit

Iraqi army and Iranian army in joint offensive to retake Tikrit.


Most in the international relations community are not amused by the president’s National Security Strategy.

Signifying Nothing

What have our efforts to improve the Afghan economy accomplished?

King Abdullah Warns the West

Is the West next in ISIS’s crosshairs?

All Things Pass

Will ISIS be able to consolidate and hold the territory it’s taken in Iraq?

Is Europe Turning Right?

Parties described as “far right” or “extreme right” have done very well in Europe’s most recent elections.

Is “Finlandization” an Option?

Is “Finlandization” a viable option for Ukraine?

From Der Spiegel

Aegis Jammed?

Where Is Transnistria?

The future may hold a lot of vehement arguing over insignificant bits of territory.

The Ukrainian Situation: I Yam What I Yam

There are lots of different ways of looking at the situation in Ukraine—historical, game theoretical, and interpersonal perspectives.

The Ukraine Crisis in Three Maps

Casting a bit of cartographic light on the crisis in Ukraine.

War As Aspirational

Why do we persist in going to war?

Massive Oil Discovery Puts Outback Town on World Energy Map

Will this new Australian oil discovery shake up world politics?

One Month?

Is Iran really just one month from producing a nuclear weapon?

UN Report Finds Syria Sarin Use (Updated)

The next shoe has dropped on the case against Bashar al-Assad for the use of chemical weapons.

The Problem of Secrecy

Persuasion is sometimes an important part of being president.

Question About Syria

A Counter-Argument on the Use of Force Against Syria

There’s more than one way to look at the civil war in Syria.

Of Realpolitik and Red Lines

The Syrian regime may have used chemical weapons again, this time in an even larger and more deadly attack.