Tech Central Station Relaunched as TCS Daily

James Glassman announces the relaunch of his “Tech Central Station” hub as “TCS Daily.”

Welcome to!

In 1999, a weekly PBS television show that I had hosted for four years — “TechnoPolitics†— was cancelled. My longtime pal Charles Francis noticed my absence on the tube and called me. Why not adapt some of the subject matter of the show to the Internet and, for that matter, add more?

Charles is an inventive and persuasive guy, and I quickly said yes. We were soon joined a bright and eager young man named Justin Peterson, who had just left Liddy Dole’s presidential campaign. In February 2000, weeks from the peak of what came to be known as the “high-tech bubble,†we launched TechCentralStation, appropriately, in Grand Central Station, New York. Keynoter to a small gathering in the Grand Center Oyster Bar Saloon was Gov. James Gilmore of Virginia, at the time the number-one techie among politicians.


The transformation of TechCentral has come under the leadership of Nick Schulz, who became our editor in late 2001, and changed the site utterly. He brought in dozens of new writers, many of them bloggers (a phenomenon that was just starting at the time). Instead of a weekly magazine, we became a daily online journal, with a half-dozen stories, or more, changing each day, often with pieces posted within minutes of important news events. Nick also broadened our coverage — and vastly increased our audience. Many of TechCentralStation’s biggest fans were attracted by the political, economic or straight-science pieces and then became fascinated by the tech policy stuff.


Like any institution that hopes to succeed these days, TechCentralStation has been in a state of nearly constant change — which, after all, is the Francis credo, put into practice by Nick and our Publisher, Heather Lauer. The new change comes in our name. While our organization is still called TechCentralStation, our online presence, our journal, will henceforth be named TCS Daily (

It tells the world what we really are — and, as a URL, it’s a lot easier to type in (though I expect you’ve already got us on your Favorites pull-down). And, fact is, people have been spontaneously calling us TCS anyway. It’s like Coca-Cola admitting on the bottle that its real name is Coke.

So, if you̢۪ll pardon the mixed metaphor from a venture that started in a hub for trains, we̢۪ll break the champagne bottle over the bow: TCSDaily is launched!

I became aware of TCS a couple years ago because several of the bloggers I read regularly wrote the occasional piece for it. I wrote my first piece for the journal, “Bouncing the Security Check,” in June 2004 and have published fourteen pieces with them since.

Aside from a new name and URL, the look of the site is much different and I find navigation much easier. They have also added a “My TCS” page allowing users to customize the look and content of the site.

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