Michael Grant has a column in the Nashville Tennessean that I’m pretty sure isn’t a satire, entitled, “Now more than ever, nation needs Tennessee’s No. 1 son.” It’s a call for Al Gore to get into the race.

Memo to Mr. Grant: George W. Bush beat Tennessee’s “#1 son” in 2000, getting all of Tennessee’s electoral votes. Indeed, had Gore carried Tennessee, he’d be president right now.

Aside from the headline, Grant’s argument is plausible. Given that Gore carried the popular vote nationwide last go-round and has instant fund-raising capability, it’s not a bad idea.

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James Joyner
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  1. Meezer says:

    And I reckon that sticks in his craw some.
    Hard to imagine a Hoosier running for Pres and not taking Indiana.

    (Er, Gores’s craw, not Grant’s, since he apparently forgot the whole unfortunate incident)