Trump Bows to Radical Islam!

Rima Fakih Muslim Miss USA Bikini PhotoApparently the new Miss USA is a Muslim.  To Debbie Schussel this means that Donald Trump is a “dhimmi” (which means, “a non-Muslim subject of a state governed in accordance with sharia law”):  “Donald Trump, Dhimmi: Miss Hezbollah Rima Fakih Wins Miss USA; Rigged for Muslima? Miss Oklahoma’s Arizona Immigration Answer.”

Now, I do not profess to be an expert on beauty pageants, but to my amateur eye, the photo to the right seems to indicate that Ms. Fakih seems to qualify as, well, beautiful.

Moreover, I am not an expert on Sharia law, but I am pretty sure that posing in public in a skimpy two-piece bathing suit is pretty much forbidden.  As such, the way in which the victory of Ms. Fakih in the Miss USA contest is evidence of Trump kowtowing to radical Islam is beyond me.  Now, Schussel might have a point if Trump had replaced the bikini with a burqa.

Actually, rather than (as Schussel claims) “Hezbollah […] laughing at us” it seems far more likely that this will inflame the rage of some radical Islamists who will see this as further evidence of the corrupting influence of the West.

Indeed, my first reaction when I read that a Muslim had won was that it should be evidence that the Muslim faith can exist in the West without problems rather than evidence of capitulation to Hezbollah.  Of course, I also knew that it would probably make some people’s heads explode.

Ultimately, we are talking here about the silliness that is beauty pageantry, make even more silly by the fact that it is run by Donald Trump.

Photo from Newshoggers.

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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. Newsflash: Debbie Schussel is a moron.

    The real issue is whether this is worse than when Rachel Ray wore a “Palestinian” scarf!

  2. Triumph says:

    I normally only support Americans as winners of the Miss. USA paegent, but this broad is pretty hot, so I’m willing to give Trump a pass.

    I think Trump has a thing for foreigners, since two of his wives have been non-Americans.

    At least he digs good looking chicks.

  3. @Bernard. The Rachel Ray thing still wins.

  4. Pug says:

    I normally only support Americans as winners of the Miss. USA paegent…

    I believe this girl is an American. Good lookin’ American, too.

  5. Steve Plunk says:

    I think Dr. Taylor’s last paragraph summed things up nicely. I’m curious exactly what the reaction will be from Muslims both here and abroad.

  6. sam says:

    Debbie Schussel, of the little-noted-by-the-Donald pissant press, can probably write anything she wants about Homo Tycoondus Maximus, but if this gets back to him, she’s probably in for a world of hurt.

  7. Maggie Mama says:

    All you have to do is take one look at the scantily-clad Miss USA and just know that we in for more comments from crazy Iranian imams and for more boob-quakes to follow the outrageous declarations.

  8. carpeicthus says:

    Debbie should be proud to be even crazier than the Iranians, by getting to the outrage first. Right-wing nutcakes all around.

  9. wr says:

    I don’t know why this should be surprising. For all the serious concern about the imposition of Shariah law in America, people like Schussel are really only motivated by hatred of brown people. They manage to inflate this into a moral struggle — but then, racists always do. There’s little difference between stating that a Muslim American women wining a beauty pageant is a blow to our democracy and claiming that a law ordering all brown people to carry proof of ID or face arrest as “illegal” really exists because a rancher was murderered by someone who may or may not have come from Mexico.

  10. PD Shaw says:

    I’m not terribly familiar Ms. Schussel. I can only assume that she suffers from a specific form of tourette syndrome, where she uncontrollably inserts the word dhimmi into her speech. She has my sympathies.

  11. steve says:

    Exum posted some music vids from the Middle East on his blog. The women were very good looking and wore revealing clothes. Islam and Muslims are not monolithic.


  12. 11B40 says:


    If I may interrupt the verbal stoning of Ms. Schussel, I think the definition of “dhimmi” that you cited is, perhaps, the Cliff Notes version, if not the CAIR version. There’s a bit more to it than that “governed” bit which may explain, if I may paraphrase, “Where have all the Christians and Jews gone… Long time passing…”

  13. 11B40,

    You are going to have to explain to me how the Muslim in a bikini leads to capitulation to Sharia of any kind, let alone one that leads to all the Christians and Jews going away.

    I, for one, am at a loss on that one.

  14. PD Shaw says:


    I have read Bat Ye’or’s Islam and Dhimmitude, among other similar works; I am not naive about these things.

    To be Dhimmi is to be subject to second class status in an Islam-dominated state. Is she really saying Trump is Dhimmi; that his actions are akin to being forced to wear clothes indicative of a subject status, to be unable to travel, and to be subject to monetary deprivations not known by others?

    She’s either being silly or stupid, and doesn’t do her cause any good, unless she’s actually secretly an Islam plant to discredit their enemies. Or maybe she doesn’t give a damn about any of it, and just wants hits.

  15. Michael says:

    I believe this girl is an American. Good lookin’ American, too.

    Not so fast, where’s her birth certificate? Have you seen it? Has anybody? What is she hiding under all those square inches of cloth?

  16. Pug says:

    What is she hiding under all those square inches of cloth?

    We’ll just leave that to your imagination.

  17. tom p says:

    What is she hiding under all those square inches of cloth?

    We’ll just leave that to your imagination.

    I have a rich imagination…

    Just out of curiousity… What would your reaction have been if she had come out wearing a burqa and a bikini?

    (told you I have a rich imagination)

  18. anjin-san says:

    Pretty much proves once and for all that Obama is a closet jihadist…

  19. S. says:

    Rima Fakih is as much a practitioner of Islam as Danny Thomas, Jamie Farr, or Kahlil Gibran.

    It wasn’t until the 1980s that the population of Muslims was on par with the population of Christians within the Arab-American communities, such as Dearborn Michigan.

    Do not mistake that every ethnic “Arab” is a Muslim.

    What a wonderful Maronite young woman. Maybe a bit ditzy, or not focused during the questions (then again, what 20 year old girls in a beauty pageant really are). But definitely not Muslim either.

  20. Franklin says:

    From another article, her family celebrates both Muslim and Christian traditions, but I believe she herself considers herself Catholic (presumably Chaldean).

    In any case, she’s easy on the eyes.

  21. Franklin says:

    My mistake in the previous post. While her family does celebrate both Muslim and Christian traditions, she considers herself Muslim. She did attend a Catholic school, which is perhaps what I mis-remembered.

  22. Nemat Sadat says:

    Dear Readers,

    Steven Taylor makes a good point, and I’d like for you to check out hot ticket item Op-Ed piece: “Will Miss Arab USA re-brand America and its Muslims?”


    Nemat Sadat

  23. James says:

    Man…it’s interesting how so much of this media attention circulates around her “religion”. Sure, she’s Arab, but can hardly be called a “practicing” Muslim. She herself stated that her family isn’t “defined by religion, but is more liberal [and] spiritual”.

    Mentally damaged people like Debbie simply need anything to grab at in order to flaunt their racist and prejudiced way of thinking. Her very premise is:

    Anything to do with Islam is inherently evil; Rima Fakih is of lebanese decent; Lebanon is primarily composed of Muslims; Muslims are a monolithic group; therefore the logical conclusion – Rima is secretly working for terrorist groups and promotes their evil ideology.

    Priceless 😉

    Now, I myself am a Muslim revert, and so I don’t at all agree with the idea that Rima represents Muslims (there are two extremes, perhaps on different sides of the spectrum: the terrorists, and then Muslims who abandon their religion’s merits – one being modesty), however, it’s ridiculous how racist some can be.

    The real question is – why must this be about her religion? None of the other winners has such attention directed towards their religions. It’s quite obvious why…

  24. Charlie Spadorie says:

    No wonder all of those Islams are a bunch of crazy bastards who fall down and worship the false prophet Mohammed (the donkey dung of the sand world). Look at the chick, that is what all those other chicks running around all covered up look like, they are afraid somebody might look at them and get all excited. Those crazy bastards have kept themselves and women so wrapped up for so long they will go into mental stupor for hundreds of years because of this, and thier defeat at the hands of the Great USA military (along with several other nations) is assured ! Go ahead Islamic nuts and stick your head in the sand because you have been shamed and revealed to the great idiots you are

  25. Charlie Spadorie says:

    Muslim religion being “accepted” in the USA? Giving it a “prettier” picture? Shows what it is really like, the Muslim religion, pretty on the outside (a little bit), uglier than hell on the inside. People who believe in Islam might be ok, the Islam religion is a false one, along with the faux Mohammed.

  26. Charlie Spadorie says:

    Nemat Sadat I checked out that link. And the “muslim” bashing has just begun, or I should say Islam bashing, since that is the root of the problem (Satan (the one defeated by Jesus) is at the heart of the root of the problem, since Islam is based on lies, and the father of lies is Lucifer. So, crazy ass nuts who support Islam are Muslim extremists who are decieved by Lucifer himself. Islam will not be accepted here in America, not today, next week, next year, not ever. Deal with it, how bout you start by getting your head out of the sand or hiney take your pick.