Mark Steyn argues that the US should exclude the UN from the rebuilding of Iraq:

The UN doesn’t solve problems, it manages them in perpetuity: it turns them into Les Misérables; come back two decades later and it’s still running. Even without the corruption and drugs and child-sex rings, it’s not an impressive record. Any German contemplating Palestine’s ‘refugee’ ‘camps’, now celebrating their golden jubilee, ought to be grateful his country enjoyed the straightforward benefits of victors’ justice.

So, what to do?

Well, first, if the last fortnight teaches us anything, it’s that the minimalist approach won’t work. You can’t just lop off Saddam, his sons and the top 50 apparatchiks but otherwise retain the existing structures and personnel. It’s clear after the depravity of the fedayeen and others that Iraq needs comprehensive de-Baathification. The best people to supervise that are the guys who’ve been on the receiving end — the Americans, British and Australians. The French and the UN would lack the motivation, and past form suggests they wouldn’t even see it as a problem.

No doubt.

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