Vick Associate Cops a Plea; Agrees to Work With Prosecutors

An associate, Tony Taylor, of Michael Vick has copped a plea and has reportedly admitted that the Virginia dogfighting operation was funded almost entirely by Michael Vick. Taylor admits to his role in the dog fighting operation, and in exchange for his cooperation he is looking to get a lighter sentence. Further, that the operation was started in 2001 and that Vick was one of the primary individuals involved in starting up the operation. Moreover, Taylor claims that Vick was indeed involved in testing dogs for fighting during 2002, but does not indicate that Vick killed any dogs that didn’t pass such tests. Details of numerous dog fights in which Vick where a dog from his kennel fought are also included.

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  1. markm says:

    I know Vick hasn’t been proven guilty…but me thinks he’s got some real problems. I’d have to guess he’s thrown his last football.