William Rehnquist, 1924-2005

Chief Justice William Rehnquist died a few hours ago.

US Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies From Cancer

Rehnquist, the 16th chief justice of the United States, “died this evening at his home in Arlington, Virginia, surrounded by his three children,” the court said in a statement Saturday.

This is the second paragraph from a report that is unfortunately too typical: it’s one of the very few statements made this evening that doesn’t speculate about the future make-up of the Supreme Court. The chief justice of the Supreme Court — by any estimation a very good man — has died, and the only thing we hear or read is about the likely political struggle to replace him.

I was priviledged to meet justice Rehnquist at a rather upscale/elite DC event; here was a man who rubbed elbows with the most powerful individuals in the world, but he was genuinely interested in hearing the opinions and perspectives of a of a young political science professor like me.

Rest in peace William Rehnquist.

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  1. Judy Harms Cole says:

    Dear Sirs;
    I just listened to President Bush’s speech. I felt appalled when he mentioned that The Chief Justice was the head of his class at University and that the class included Justice Day O’Connor. From this statement I conclude that the President thinks that she was not the Chief Justice’s equal. I hope that he did not intend to give this impression, but he certainty gave it. His statement indicates an inability to understand the importance of being sensitive to women’s issues. Essentially he said that Sandra Day O’Connor was inferior to the Chief Justice. Women in this country still have much educating to do and we must begin at the White House. It would be helpful if some one would review his speeches to ovoid such situations in the future.
    Judy Harms Cole
    American Citizen

  2. McGehee says:

    Judy, you were “appalled” because you took what Bush said in a way that even you know he didn’t mean?

    At whom were you appalled, then?