Wizards Draft Pick Andray Blatche Shot in Carjacking

Andray Blatche, selected by the Washington Wizards in the NBA draft, was shot yesterday in a carjacking near his home.

Wizards Draft Pick Blatche Shot (WTOP Radio)

Photo: Andray Blatche (Photo courtesy of Washington Wizards) Andray Blatche, the Wizards only pick in the 2005 NBA draft, is recovering from a gunshot wound he received early Sunday morning during an attempted carjacking near his Alexandria, Va. home. “We are aware of this situation and are in the process of gathering more information. First and foremost, our primary concern is with Andray’s well being. The information that we have received is that Andray was a victim of a carjacking. We have spoken to Andray, and the doctors have informed us that he is in stable condition and doing well. This is all the information that we have available at this time.”

Blatche was in a car with two friends when they noticed a light-colored van following them. When they pulled over in the 5100 block of Knapp Place off Duke Street, police say two men, described only as black men wearing masks, stepped out of the van. One man ordered Blatche out of the car and then shot him before Blatche could get out.

Wizards Draftee Shot in Va. (AP)

The 19-year-old Syracuse, N.Y. man picked by the Washington Wizards in the NBA draft this summer has been shot in Virginia. Police say Andray Blatche was shot once in the chest yesterday morning near his Alexandria home.

He is listed in serious but stable condition. His mother told the Syracuse Post-Standard the bullet didn’t hit any vital organs.


The address in question is only 13 miles from my new home, although I don’t know that neighborhood very well. Alexandria is a very mixed community, with very affluent homes and slums in close proximity. One would think a 2nd round NBA draft pick would be living in a pretty nice area, though.

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  1. James Joyner says:

    Actually, Alexandria is in Virginia which has rather loose gun laws.

  2. Mark says:

    It is down the street from my apartment, and it is a nice area with relatively new townhomes (they were being built when I moved here in 2000).

  3. ICallMasICM says:

    ‘One would think a 2nd round NBA draft pick would be living in a pretty nice area, though.’

    Really? One would think a HS kid with tons of $$$ given to him for a susspected ability to play basketball might not make the best choices. Len Bias?

  4. WiseMom says:

    What made them pull over? Lesson to Learn: If someone is following you and you Don’t know who they are – never pull over voluntarily. We can’t run from a bullets, but unless it’s like the Wild-Wild West and the pursuers are shooting at you or trying to push you off the road – “keep on rolling”! Let them follow or chase you to where there is more traffic – witnesses who can get their license number if you can’t. If you are alone and have a cell phone, discretely call “on speaker” 911 or hit redial. If there is more than one of you – remember the tag number. Don’t try to be a “hero” by calling 911, with the cell phone up to your ear making it obvious that you are calling for help. Just look like you’re talking to each other. Get someone on the cell phone and give them your location and/or the tag number of the car following you. I would rather try “Catch Me If you Can” than “Stop”.