ABC Peter Jennings Dead from Lung Cancer at 67

For the link, I will offer nothing but the appropriate ABC story:

I haven’t watched ABC national news much in years, along with most of the country which is no longer watching national news. If I watch anything, it is NBC (usually in the form of CNBC) or PBS – complete coverage, if really biased. However, I definately respected Peter Jennings post-9/11 when he, as a Canadian, took US Citizenship.

I am incredulous that ABC didn’t mention that Jennings was from Canada. Our northern neighbor is our biggest trading partner, and we share the continent.


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Richard Gardner
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  1. I always new he was from Canada from they way he said “abuut” (about). It may seem stereotypical, but it was true.

    As a sign of our times, I can’t help thinking that 67 was “young” to die.