After a Great Deal of Delay, I’m Back

I wish I had something of more substance to post on, but I’m rusty and just thought I would bring attention to this piece by CNN:

With the aviation industry currently in the spotlight over its impact on the environment, Boeing has been keen to play up the 787’s green credentials. Lighter than other planes of is size and powered by more efficient engines supplied by GE and Rolls-Royce, it’s estimated that it will use 20 percent less fuel that other similar sized aircraft.


There have been a few teething problems with reports of a lack of rivets and ill-fitting front sections, but so far nothing like the woes faced by Airbus and the problems that effected the 350 miles of wiring that snake back and forth through the double-decker A380 super jumbo. Being a mid-sized jet, the 787 only has 60 miles of wiring to contend with.


All Nippon Airlines will be the first of 787’s 45 customers to receive the plane in May 2008 after flight test this Fall. As one of three models planned for the Dreamliner, it will be able to carry 250 passengers up to 8,200 miles. The 787-9 will have an even longer range and accommodate up to 290 people.

Now, perhaps I’m being pedantic, but shouldn’t an organization the size of CNN be able to afford editors? More evidence that blogs, when done correctly, have their advantages (our grammar errors and typos don’t cost money). I’ll have something of more substance to post later in the weekend.

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  1. The second bolded “mistake” would probably be acceptable in casual British usage–“flight test” would be short for “flight testing” (not “flight tests”).

    But the first one… well, I’ve been trying to beat “affect/effect” mistakes out of students for years, to little avail.

  2. yetanotherjohn says:

    When I was reading it, I honestly assumed the grammar faults were yours in transcription, not CNN in the original.

    As one who has never been limited by thinking there is only one way to spell a word, I am sympathetic to CNN’s errors. On the other hand, I write without the layers of editors who can ensure accuracy, fairness and intelligibility.

  3. Hi Robert,

    nice to see you back! 🙂

    How are you?