Al Gore: The Democrats’ Best Hope for 2008?

Ezra Klein contends that,

Since his loss, Gore has undergone a resurrection of sorts, shrugging off the consultants and the caution that hampered him during the campaign and — aided by new distribution technologies — evolving into perhaps the most articulate, animated, and forceful critic of the Bush administration. And now, with Democrats taking a fresh look at a man they thought they knew and speculation mounting around his ambitions in 2008, it seems that the man much mocked for inventing the Internet is in fact using the direct communication it enables to reinvent himself.


America’s democracy in danger Al Gore? Al Gore?

He betrayed this country! He played on our fears! Al Gore?

This one?

Al Gore's beard

This one?

Al Gore ranting 1

This one?

Al Gore ranting 2

Methinks the Democrats should keep on looking.

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James Joyner
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  1. Maggie says:

    Aw, do ya really think they should keep looking? It would be so much fun having the GOP dig up his speech to the Saudis about American brutalization of arabs.

  2. dj elliott says:

    I don’t think the Democratic Party is that stupid…

  3. Ira says:

    Visit my otherwise unread blog and you’ll see that I predicted about two months ago that the Dems in 2008 might very well run Gore/Hillary or Kerry/Hillary. Gore and Kerry both came quite close to winning and each can claim that he derserves another shot; add the Clinton machine and Hillary’s ability to work a crowd in a fundraiser (and Hillary will probably be able to pass herself off as Grandmotherly when she runs in 2012 or 2016 – remember Reagan’s joke in ’84 about his opponent’s ‘youth’?); add what will be the endlessly repeated claims and hints that Bush stolen the election, lied about and/or manipulated events to win re-election (eg, the claim that we actually had Saddam but hid him until Bush needed a boost in the polls); and who do the Republicans have to run? I’d certainly vote for Giuliani or McCain before I’d vote for anyone the Democrats would nominate (I might even vote Libertarian again), but could they win? Giuliani is too liberal on a lot of issues, and McCain might be the Dems choice for the Republican nomination, as he’s (a) an ‘old’ Republican (think of Bob Dole and Bob Michel) whom a Democrat Congress could play the way they played the first Pres Bush, (b) likely to lose his temper on the campaign trail (do you remember that, in 2000, the biggest daily paper in Arizona ran an editorial saying that McCain didn’t have the right temperament to be president?) and (c) are there many Republican activists who are excited about McCain? And who else? George Allen or Condi Rice? Maybe and Maybe, but how would they fare against the man who had the election stolen from him in 2000 or the man who’s war service was slandered by the right wing and the “mainstream media”? (People like Oliver Willis seem to think that we right wingers control the three tv networks and the Times of NY and of LA).
    Wow. Too much word, Hondo…

  4. Lindy R. Dole says:

    Oh please let Al run again. Please!