Ezra Klein’s Meteoric Rise

How he went from Juicebox Mafia member to the most important young journalist in DC.

Ezra Klein Isn’t a Reporter

A progressive columnist has been outed as having sympathies for the Democratic Party.

Education Reform: Lectures at Home, Homework at School

Salmon Khan argues that students should watch videos at night and practice during the day.

In (Partial) Defense of Ezra Klein

I don’t like it when things my allies say are misquoted and attacked; it’s no better when my allies do it.

The Security State

The People In Charge telling us that something is Necessary For Our Own Good makes a large number of people accepting of the inconvenience, no matter how asinine or unsupported by evidence.

Former Car Czar Hates Democracy

Former car czar Steve Rattner sat down with Ezra Klein to whine about how the American people and its Congress wouldn’t just turn over the whole economy to unelected experts such as himself.

Facebook’s Inevitability

If Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t invented Facebook someone else would have. Probably within a month or two of his invention.

Inequality and Opportunity

Is our problem that the very rich have too much money? Or that the rest of us don’t have enough?

Democrats Thinking ‘Nuclear Option’

Remember when Democrats thought changing the rules to abolish filibustering was an outrage against the Constitution? They’re older and wiser now.

Andrew Breitbart Offers $ 100,000 For JournoList Archives

If you know where the JournoList archive is, Andrew Breitbart has got some cash for you.

Praise for the Military

While praise for the military often goes overboard, the reaction to the McChrystal flap shows our armed forces at their finest.

Wonk’s Fallacy: Media Edition

The extra effort it takes to go from modestly informed to well-informed is tremendous and, for 99% of the public, a ridiculous waste of time.

Liz Lemon Ugly

Blogger Kings

Apples and Oranges

Blogger Week on Colbert

We All Want What’s Best

Is America Ungovernable?

What Health Care Costs

Ezra Klein to WaPo

Hillary’s Debt