Ann Coulter Trashes 9/11 Widows on Today Show (Video)

Ann Coulter has managed, once again, to inflame Left and Right alike with comments she made on the “Today” show with Matt Lauer.

Here’s a transcript of the most controversial part:

LAUER: On the 9-11 widows, an in particular a group that had been critical of the administration:

COULTER: “These self-obsessed women seem genuinely unaware that 9-11 was an attack on our nation and acted like as if the terrorist attack only happened to them. They believe the entire country was required to marinate in their exquisite personal agony. Apparently, denouncing bush was part of the closure process.”

“These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefparrazies. I have never seen people enjoying their husband’s death so much.”

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

Ian Schwartz, among several area bloggers I had dinner with last night, has the whole interview in case the YouTube version gets lifted over copyright issues,

Coulter’s critics on the Left are angry that she’s allowed on television at all.

John Amato is aghast that, “The last time she was on the show he treated her as a normal person. I would hope that stops . . . .” He also offers a video of Kathy Griffith‘s appearance later in the show, where she says, “I saw that nut-bag on the show earlier. What’s she doing wearing a cocktail dress at seven in the morning. She got home from the party last night. Doesn’t she just make stuff up Al? Who fact checks? You can’t just let Ann Coulter…”

Peter Dauo agrees, arguing that Lauer lost the debate on this issue by “the mere granting of a platform to someone as obviously disturbed as Coulter.”

Media Matters is launching a write-in campaign to get NBC to stop airing “hate speech.”

Reaction on the Right is mixed but mostly defensive.

Mark Finkelstein observes, “While considerable attention focuses on Ann Coulter’s more superficial charms, from a conservative perspective Ann’s real beauty is her absolute refusal to buy into liberal logic, no matter how pervasive.” He recaps the rest of the “debate” (I thought it was an interview) between Lauer and Coulter although, oddly, omits this particular part.

World O’ Crap is inspired to write a fictious “Meet the Press” episode wherein Tim Russert interviews Satan and Jesus, under the inspiration, “Imagine if you will a network news program where the host believes that his obligation as a journalist is to place evil on the same footing as good (so that evil will stop complaining about how the media always favors good).”

Confederate Yankee Bob Owens: “Excessive hyperbole aside, Coulter was right on this point.”

Sean Hackbarth initially saw the show and proclaimed, “Coulter didn’t call anyone names and frustrated Lauer. That’s a top-notch performance.” In a post-controversy update, he observes, “I’m no fan of Coulter and am as hard on her as anybody, but I wouldn’t call her criticism of some Sep. 11 widows as ‘stomach-churning.'”

Rick Moran, who has a long post taking Coulter to task for this and her general “schtick,” is an exemplar of the “Coulter unhinged” view.

She has descended into a black hole of necessity from which there is no escape; where she is forced to please her rabid base of red meat conservatives usually by going beyond the bounds of decency and proper public discourse in order to make a point that could have been made without resorting to the kind of hurtful, hateful, personal attacks that have become a hallmark of her war with liberals.


The anti-Bush 9/11 widows are not immune from criticism for their political positions nor even for the tactics they use to advance those positions. But to say that they are “enjoying” their status as widows is so far beyond the pale that anyone who makes such a statement deserves the most severe censure possible. And the networks who use Coulter as some kind of “Spokesman” for the right should be told in no uncertain terms by as many of us as possible that she doesn’t speak for any conservatives that we want to be associated with.

AllahPundit posts video excerpts and quotes, including a somewhat uncivil line from Moran’s attack on Coulter’s incivility. Commenters are uniformly positive with, “You go Girl!” among the more well argued.

Don Surber titles his post, “Coulter brings shame to conservatives.”

Greg Tinti terms it,

Absolutely. Disgusting. And even worse, most of the reaction I have seen so far to this from conservatives around the blogosphere has been defending it or trying to explain it away as part of Ann’s “schtick.” Well, if it is “schtick,” it’s certainly not funny anymore. It’s all a shame because Ann is a great writer with a lot of talent, intelligence, and wit but now, unfortunately, has put herself in the uncomfortable position of having to out-shock herself.

As regular readers are aware, I tend to follow the Moran-Tinti school on this one. Coulter is a great talent but her schtick has gotten old and she seems to think she has to continue to say outrageous things to get attention. Someone with her skills doesn’t need to resort to such tactics but, alas, they are quite lucrative in the opinion game. One can look down the list of the most highly trafficked political blogs and find few non-inflammatory sites among them.

As to the “Jersey girls” bit, there’s much to it. I agree with Owens that “the death of a loved one does not automatically grant intelligence or insightfulness or Truth, nor does it grant a Writ of Veracity, where the speaker can no longer be challenged because of the shield of personal loss.” Indeed, I have long argued that the non-government victims of 9/11 deserve no different treatment from the taxpayer than other murder victims. But there’s a right way to deliver a message and a wrong way. Coulter’s is decidedly the latter.

Update: Ed Morrissey twists the knife a bit further, noting that, “Three years ago, [Ted] Rall made essentially the same point in one of his crude cartoons and got rightly panned for it.” Ouch. His final thoughts echo my own:

This represents the downside of provocateurs, even those entertaining enough to enjoy for 80% of the time. Instead of arguing facts or philosophy, the provocateur usually relies on ad hominem attack in order to degrade and dismiss their opposition. A little of that goes a very long way, and unfortunately Coulter delivered it in droves yesterday.

Quite so.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. bindare4u says:

    The truth hurts but it needed to be said. Insensative? yes! But some of these widows are insensative too.

  2. Patrick T. McGuire says:

    I have a strong affection for Ms. Coulter, probably because she is a lot like myself. She speaks her mind and really doesn’t care who gets trampled in the process. I admire her for being able to do so with more wit and sophistication than myself. And she is a smoker from what I hear.

    My kind of woman!

  3. Tri says:

    I’m a conservative and I’m not against Ms. Coulter’s interview like many suggest we conservatives are.

    She hit the nail on the head. The left use these women as a mouthpiece because they think anyone that disagrees with them will look insensitive. To hell with their arguments.

  4. lunacy says:

    The outrage over her comments seems to be proving her point.

    And if her comments weren’t so over-the-top, would we even be discussing this issue?

    I think the discussion is overdue.


  5. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    The libs like to talk about speaking truth to power. That is what Ann does. The power of the media. To match wits with Ann, they need something of a larger caliber than Matt Lauer. James I am beggining to think you an apologist for the left. Why is that? There is nothing but truth in what she said about those particular 9/11 wives. Why is calling the President a liar acceptable speech, but telling the truth about those who oppose him is not.

  6. ICallMasICM says:

    ‘Someone with her skills doesnâ??t need to resort to such tactics but, alas, they are quite lucrative in the opinion game.’

    Laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. Tri says:

    “The outrage over her comments seems to be proving her point.”

    Yes they do. If you question or disagree with a widow, the press will attack you.

    You have to let them speak as if they are the last word.

  8. LaurenceB says:

    I regularly visit both conservative and liberal blogs.

    My Advice: When Ann Coulter is discussed, do not visit the comments.

    Good liberals will be ashamed by the vitriol, vulgarity and sexism directed at her, and good conservatives will be embarassed by the lame apologies for her clownish, mean, and often dispicable, behavior.

    So stay away from the comments. That’s my advice. Now if I could only follow that advice myself.


  9. legion says:

    Feh. Ann Coulter wouldn’t know truth if it fell on her. Exactly how many “millionaire Iraq soldier widows” are there? How many wind up on tv? Aside from Cindy Sheehan (who I’m pretty sure isn’t a millionaire), how many Iraq soldier widows can anyone here name without using Google?

    The woman is not “speaking truth to power”, she is insulting and desecrating the memories of dead troops. Any time a conservative ever goes off about “supporting the troops”, I’m gonna point them to this transcript. Ann coulter is subhuman filth.

  10. Webproze says:

    Obviously you donâ??t understand the argument that sheâ??s trying to make, so Iâ??ll try to use small words to explain it to you.
    Democrats are using people who are obvious victims (9/11 widows, Cindy Sheehan, etc) to make their arguments for them, rather than making them with logic and intelligence. These people are people that those of us who disagree with them look like asses for attacking their ideas because the mainstream media and Dimwitocrats love to point out that weâ??re â??attacking widowsâ?? or â??attacking someone who just lost their son in a warâ?? rather than attacking their stupid statements and positions.
    Anne Coulter just has the intestinal fortitude to SAY the things that others merely think. Or to think the things that others who are so brainwashed as to not to allow themselves to think donâ??t.

  11. DeoDuce says:

    If the Left can tolerate Al Gore running around making movies about Global Warming, Michael Moore criticizing the U.S. overseas, and Richard Belzer mocking our troops in Iraq, they can tolerate Ann Coulter.

    I don’t understand why people take things so seriously. If people say Ann Coulter is “disgusting” and completely oblivious to reality, then why do they get so darn upset at what she says?

  12. physics geek says:

    I’m with Confederate Yankee in that Ann should be able to criticize the political actions of the the Jersey Girls group of 9/11 widows. Stating that the women are “enjoying their husbands death”, though, is way, way over the line. I would even call it reprehensible and repugnant. As Joey on Friends once said, “You’re so far over the line that you can see the line. The line is a dot to you.”

    I’m quite disturbed at the “You go, girl!” sentiments being expressed by many of my comrades on the right. Just because you agree with someone on many levels does not mean that you shouldn’t take them to task for being stupid. In this case, Ann’s turn of phrase was insanely stupid.

  13. phil says:

    When a widow (or a widower for that matter) uses her status as a victim to make a political point, – it is only fair to question her doing so.

    Do not get me wrong – any widow can have a point of view and she or he can make it known – I have no problem with that. However, when she is trying to add some extra weight to this point by capitalizing on her status of a grieving-widow-with-whom-it-is-not-cool-to-argue – well, I am sorry, but her loss is no longer a personal matter. It has just became her political coin. Something that she sells for political profit. And guess what – it is not Ann Coulter’s fault.

  14. Sharon R. says:

    I, too, am a conservative, and I am not outraged over Ann’s comments. The Left’s Al Franken and Michael Moore do it all the time and it’s considered free speech–and Hollywood showers them with awards.

    Some 9-11 families have used the fact that they lost a loved one in the terrorist attack as a means to speak out politically–and yes they were making commercials for John Kerry.

    9-11 happened to AMERICA, not just the victims. I remain sick over it and resent that I am made to feel that I have no right to feel as such because I didn’t lose someone. That is wrong and the fact that you are saying Ann has no right to question these people’s intentions, only proves her point.

  15. Travis Webb says:

    Ann is a blatant liar. I write for a newspaper and had covered, Ann’s stuff before. I am neither particularly liberal nor very conservative. Coulter came to a local University to give a speech. Her people agreed to set up an interview with me through the school’s news and information office. She stood me up and, during the Q & A after her speech I asked her about it and she denied it all in front of two thousand people.
    I said so in print with no fear of libel as I can prove it 100%

  16. CHRISTIAN says:

    Ann Coulter is a sociopath. Her glazed eyes are the givewaway. And to all the righties here who throw out the tired “she sez what she thinks” line, how come this great intellect of the right could only stare blankly and say, “I don’t know” when asked what has caused Bush’s unpopularity?

    She doesn’t know?

    Well, she just helped push Bush further down.

    And for the record, Jesus wouldn’t call grieving widows “harpies.” Only the hypocrites on the right who claim Jesus as their own.

  17. Amazed says:

    What is it with you Coulter fans? Do you actually understand the difference between truth and the lies that that drug-addicted psychopath spews? No, I guess not. Well, don’t worry…as the situation in the ME decays beyond all of our wildest imaginings, you will eventually be confronted with the truth you’ve refused so long to acknowledge.

    Enjoy eternity in hell.

  18. Jenny Hatch says:

    Ann Coulter ROCKS!

    I am not ashamed of her words. I would love to see a Hilary and Ann debate broadcast on television. Let those two go at it. Ann would cream Senator Clinton in any sort of a war of words.

    I can’t wait to read her book, and hope it skyrockets up the best seller list and stays on top for a very very long time.

    Go ANN GO!

    Jenny Hatch

  19. HalfWit says:

    Yes, we on the right never trot out victims or their families to take advantage of them for our gain. Like the 2004 convention in NYC or a billion other examples. Puh-lease. Regardless of what is thought of the Dems and their methods, this is uncalled for and makes us look bad. She’s to us as Moore and Franken are to them. How do ANY of these idiots help either side?

    �The outrage over her comments seems to be proving her point.�

    Yes, people were outraged over Hitler, too. Did that prove his point? Jesus, people. Get a clue.

  20. Lisa Fiddler says:

    Ann is direct and correct. I love her! Go Ann Go!

  21. Sharon R. says:

    I saw Ann the other night on Hannity & Colmes and I couldn’t agree with you more. I, too, am sick of the Cindy Sheehans of the world and now, it appears, Michael Berg’s father. His son was beheaded by al-Zarqawi yet he likens Bush to zarqawi’s level saying that Bush is the bigger terrorist—and this man BEHEADED his son!! So, are we not suppose to question Mr. Berg’s reasoning because his son died? I mean you can, but we all know that we would be labeled as insensitive and cruel because this man lost his son. The Left snakes use this as a means to not be questioned and it’s only because they can’t stand the truth that they attack Ann Coulter when she unmasks them for what they are.

  22. Mel42 says:

    Seems to me that Ann Coulter is doing exactly what sheâ??s accused these women of doing by focusing on their status as widows rather than debating their arguments. And she evaded responding to Matt Lauerâ??s point that never have these widows (or anyone else) denied an open discussion or claimed that dissenters are not allowed to respond to them.
    It is true that some politicians may try to selfishly use the widowsâ?? personal tragedies to strengthen their own positions, but this does not curtail anyoneâ??s ability to debate or disagree with them on the issues. Any person who consequently responded by accusing someone of questioning the widowsâ?? â??authenticityâ?? would themselves be committing a logical fallacy.

    I suggest that it is their own inability to respond to criticism honestly and rationally that fuels the resentment of Ann and people like her, casuing them to instead assert a liberal â??doctrine of infallibility.â??
    Case in point:

    â??9-11 happened to AMERICA, not just the victims. I remain sick over it and resent that I am made to feel that I have no right to feel as such because I didnâ??t lose someone.â??

    I donâ??t know who or what has â??madeâ?? this person feel she has no right to be sick over 9/11, but it struck me that she is unable to appropriate the tragedy for all of America without referencing the actual victims of that day â?? the injured and those who died terribly and the families they left behind. While 9/11 did indeed affect all Americans deeply and changed our world forever, there are many who experienced the events of that day first-hand and those who will grieve forever the loss of their loved ones. Given the right-wing claim that conservatives are the only ones capable of protecting America from terrorists, when those who have experienced personally the horrors and consequences of terrorism oppose their policies and the war in Iraq, it undermines their self-righteous, fear-mongering rhetoric.
    Disagreeing with the 9/11 widowsâ?? views is understandable and conscionable, but calling them â??self-obsessedâ?? â??broads,â?? claiming they are enjoying their husbandsâ?? deaths, and relegating their denouncement of George Bush as part of the â??closure processâ?? is a dishonest argument that is in fact quite despicable.
    Everyone is allowed an opinion and has the right to express it, not just â??expertsâ?? like Ann Coulter.

  23. Sharon R. says:

    First of all, are you sending out some secret code because your text is a bit, shall we say, unable to be understood with all the question marks.

    Obviously, now you not only feel it necessary to comment on Ann Coulter’s accurate statements but also on my feelings toward 9-11. The fact is certain people feel that they ‘own’ that horrible day in AMERICA’S history. Many families also want more say than other people when it comes to the monuments erected. Many times I read where the families are demanding to know why they weren’t informed of this or that. My point, which I think I made quite well, was that no, they do not ‘own’ that day. It happened to AMERICA and I felt it just as deeply. Believe me, you don’t have to lose someone to feel the horrible grief that accompanies it. My heart is still broken. This happened to my country and I have every right, just as the families, to feel as I do.

    As for Republicans doing a better job as keeping America safter, one needs only to scan history and Bill Clinton’s time as President in general. This man no only did not keep us safe, since all Democrats want to do is cut the military, but he also could not adequately respond to the attacks that took place when he was President.

    All I can say is that following 9-11 I said a ‘thank you’ to God that Al Gore wasn’t President. Personally, I think that says it all.

  24. James Rhem says:

    When is someone going to comment on Random House’s complicity in this disgusting Ann Coulter business? Would Bennett Serf have published such trash when he was head of the company? I doubt it. The fact that Coulter’s books continue to get published and lavishly promoted by a “major” publisher shows how corrupted our entire society has become by craven, capitalism a la REPUBLICANs. They don’t care about the environment, human life [witness Iraq both military and civilian death] or anything but greed. They care not at all for religious perspectives except to the extent that they can use them to stay in power and feed their greed. They advertise “abortion” opposition as a pro-life stance. It is not about “life” but “choice.” IF they truly cared about human life they would oppose capital punishment and avoid instead of provoking war.
    Random House should be ashamed for supporting such values and we all should boycott buying their titles.

  25. Sharon R. says:

    Random House is promoting FREE SPEECH…or rather, I’m sorry, it’s only free speech when Al Gore, Hilliary, Bill, Michael Moore, Al Franken, John Murtha, or John Kerry do it. They say whatever they want and all who support them say oh, it’s ok, they have the right to free speech. But, let one conservative give it right back and oh, no!! it’s just disgraceful that they would even publish such hateful things. Our military defends the freedoms of this country so that all the lefty snakes can slither around on their bellies and bad mouth America, Bush, and the cause to fought terrorism.

    As for abortion and the death penalty–sorry! not even in the same league. It’s tough to speak of beautiful, loving, defensless, precious little babies in the same breath as malicious, terror driven, evil, murderers. Do I support the death penalty? Damn right. Do I support abortion? No. I’m not a baby killer which obviously means I’m not a Democrat.

  26. Scott from Modesto says:

    I kind of like her. Perhaps she would like to hang out or go fishing or something.

  27. KEV says:

    I am a conservative and I cannot stand Ann Coulter. Her comments on the 9/11 widows are reprehensible. The sad thing is that most conservatives on here will claim to have a faith in God. So I ask: What would Jesus Do???
    He would not have been insenstive and state that the widows enjoy their husbands’ deaths.

  28. ERICA says:

    In my personal opinion this book is an attempt for her to make money. Controversy sells and that is what she wants. The widows are only a small percentage of the people morning for the loss of a love one. She really needs to re-evaluate her motives and take her energy and use it for something more positive. If she lost a love one she wouldn’t have even wrote this novel. Ann aka Ignorant Bitch. Please take your foot out of your mouth.

  29. simon says:

    Ann Coulter is a perfect example of why people around the world have a hatred of america, No compassion but self greed drives ann, She claims to be a christian but i see no evidence of that, with the comments she has made about those women or when she made the comment about korea or the middle east. To Quote ann coulter

    “I think we ought to nuke North Korea right now just to give the rest of the world a warning. … Theyâ??re a major threat. I just think it would be fun to nuke them and have it be a warning to the rest of the world.”

    To quote her again

    “I think the government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle East, and sending liberals to Guantanamo.”

    Can anyone or even ann explain how that is christian ?
    This woman does america no favours and this kind of attitude by her and other americans will be americas downfall. Super powers come and go throughout history, are you willing to loose that status because of ignorance from people with attitudes like ann coulter?
    This post is not made by an american i am from the UK and i am not siding with any of your political partys, nor am i anti america, my comments are made from what and how the rest of the world perseives as americans attitudes and ignorance.

  30. shonda says:

    Did someone say that Ann Coulter is a Christian? What an insult! She is not talented, she is not a Christian and all she does is talk a bunch of negative, hateful crap to get attention. I think she’s a anorexic on pills and people who pay her any attention are just giving her gas to keep her going. I wish she’d just go away. She’s no one special. Typical idiot who didn’t get enough attention as a child. I don’t even know if she believes half of what she is saying. Hey Ann, Go Away! You’ve embarassed yourself enough.

  31. Horus says:

    Go, Anne, Go! Expose the left for what they are and darn the torpedoes! The left can call Republicans fascists, bigots, racists, and every other name in the book, but when Anne gives back some of what they dish every day, they run and whine to the waaaahmbulance of their “moral outrage” and cry on tv and everywhere else.

  32. Sharon says:

    Many of our soldiers are Christians yet they know that you must fight, and, yes, even kill, their enemy sometimes. This country was founded on Christianity, yet this country was fought for in many a bloody battle. One can be a Christian and still have the foresight to know that if we were all peace loving passifists we’d lose our country and the terrorists would win. The simple fact is that we must kill our enemy whether we are Christian or not. And we should be able to speak our mind, just as Ann has done, whether we are Christian or not. The Left’s so called ‘Christians’ have no problem calling Bush a terrorist or a Nazi. Does that sound very Christian to you?? Yet it is done everyday. Bill Clinton—BIG CHRISTIAN….and womanizer, liar, and only Hillary knows what else. Plus the Left advocates abortion. I don’t know about you, but somehow that seems to be EXTREMELY unChristianlike to me.

  33. betterblues says:

    Ann Coulter is messed up. Whether it is right or wrong, she is laughing all the way to the bank. The funny thing is that she is criticising others for cashing in. However, it is wrong to suppose that there is a widows club out to make money out of their dead husbands. I will return her book if someone gave it to me. I thought America promoted and stood for, free speech, not hatred. This woman gets away with that (and so does Michael Moore). Why can’t we have a middle party?

  34. Khalisah says:

    I honestly think that a person as REPULSIVE as this woman should not be allowed out of her home, much become a prominent public figure. This is all too indicative of FASCIST, RACIST, XENOPHOBIC EXTREME RIGHT-WING IDEALOGY. Let’s do some serious damage to this reign of idiocy right now! I call on everyone to BOYCOTT HER BOOKS, any radio/TV appearances, and ANYTHING ELSE THAT WOULD ALLOW this despicable person TO PROFIT AND/OR REMAIN IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Here are examples of her ‘wit and wisdom’:

    On TERRORISM: “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

    “Congress could pass a law tomorrow requiring that all aliens from Arabic countries leave….We should require passports to fly domestically. Passports can be forged, but they can also be checked with the home country in case of any suspicious-looking swarthy males.”

    On FORMER PRESIDENT CLINTON: “[Clinton] masturbates in the sinks.”—Rivera Live 8/2/99

    “If you don’t hate Clinton and the people who labored to keep him in office, you don’t love your country.”—George, 7/99

    “We’re now at the point that it’s beyond whether or not this guy is a horny hick. I really think it’s a question of his mental stability. He really could be a lunatic. I think it is a rational question for Americans to ask whether their president is insane.”—Equal Time

    “It’s enough [to be impeached] for the president to be a pervert.”—The Case Against Bill Clinton, Coulter’s 1998 book.

    “Clinton is in love with the erect penis.”—This Evening with Judith Regan, Fox News Channel 2/6/00

    On ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: “God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. TAKE IT, RAPE IT, IT’S YOURS'”—Hannity & Colmes, 6/20/01

    On the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and ALL POLITICAL OPPOSITION: The “backbone of the Democratic Party” is a “TYPICAL FAT, IMPLACABLE WELFARE RECIPIENT”—syndicated column 10/29/99

    “The thing I like about Bush is I think he HATES LIBERALS.”—Washington Post 8/1/00

    On Rep. Christopher Shays (d-CT) in deciding whether to run against him as a Libertarian candidate: “I really want to hurt him. I want him to feel pain.”—Hartford Courant 6/25/99

    “The SWING VOTERS—I like to refer to them as the IDIOT VOTERS because they don’t have set philosophical principles. You’re either a liberal or you’re a CONSERVATIVE IF YOU HAVE THE IQ ABOVE A TOASTER. “—Beyond the News, Fox News Channel, 6/4/00

    “My LIBERTARIAN FRIENDS are probably getting a little upset now but I think that’s because they NEVER APPRECIATE THE BENEFITS OF LOCAL FASCISTS.”—MSNBC 2/8/97

    “You want to be careful not to become just a blowhard.”—Washington Post 10/16/98

    TO A DISABLED VIETNAM VET: “People like you CAUSED US TO LOSE that war.”—MSNBC

    “Women like Pamela Harriman and Patricia Duff are basically Anna Nicole Smith from the waist down. Let’s just call it for what it is. They’re whores.”— 11/16/00

    Juan Gonzales is “Cuba’s answer to Joey Buttafuoco,” a “miscreant,” “sperm-donor,” and a “poor man’s Hugh Hefner.”—Rivera Live 5/1/00

    ON PRINCESS DIANA’S DEATH: “Her children knew she’s sleeping with all these men. That just seems to me, it’s the definition of ‘not a good mother.’ … Is everyone just saying here that it’s okay to ostentatiously have premarital sex in front of your children?”…”[Diana is] an ORDINARY and PATHETIC and confessional – I’ve never had bulimia! I’ve never had an affair! I’ve never had a divorce! So I don’t think she’s better than I am.”—MSNBC 9/12/97

    On VOTING: “I think there should be a LITERACY TEST and a POLL TAX for people to vote.”—Hannity & Colmes, 8/17/99

    on WOMEN’S RIGHTS: “I think WOMEN should be armed but SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.”—Politically Incorrect, 2/26/01

    on the LEGAL SYSTEM: “I think we had enough laws about the turn-of-the-century. We don’t need any more.” ASKED HOW FAR BACK SHE WOULD GO TO REPEAL LAWS, SHE REPLIED, “Well, before the New Deal…THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION would be a good start.”—Politically Incorrect 5/7/97

    “The presumption of innocence only means you don’t go right to jail.”—Hannity & Colmes 8/24/01

    “I have to say I’M ALL FOR PUBLIC FLOGGING. One type of criminal that a public humiliation might work particularly well with are the juvenile delinquents, a lot of whom consider it a badge of honor to be sent to juvenile detention. And IT MIGHT NOT BE SUCH A COOL THING IN THE ‘HOOD’ TO BE FLOGGED PUBLICLY.”—MSNBC 3/22/97

    On the DEATH PENALTY: “If they have the one innocent person who has ever to be put to death this century out of over 7,000, you probably will get a good movie deal out of it.”—MSNBC 7/27/97

    On SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: “If those kids had been carrying guns they would have gunned down this one [child] gunman. … DON’T PRAY. LEARN TO USE GUNS”—Politically Incorrect, 12/18/97

    on ANN COULTER HERSELF: “Originally, I was the only female with long blonde hair. Now, they all have long blonde hair.”— 6/6/00


    “Let’s say I go out every night, I meet a guy and have sex with him. Good for me. I’m not married.”—Rivera Live 6/7/00

    on EATING DISORDERS: “ANOREXICS NEVER HAVE BOYFRIENDS. … That’s one way to know you don’t have anorexia, if you have a boyfriend.”—Politically Incorrect 7/21/97

    “I think [Whitewater]’s going to prevent the First Lady from running for Senate.”—Rivera Live 3/12/99

    “My track record is pretty good on predictions.”—Rivera Live 12/8/98

    On 9/11 WIDOWS: These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefparrazies. I have never seen people enjoying their husbands death so much.