Another Terrorist Dies

Yet another radical Islamist has been killed, but this time at the hand of the Israelis. The world is clearly a better place with him now living out eternity in hell with a bunch of ghouls raping him. Even so, I’m somewhat concerned that he was a government official for the Palestinians. Have the Palestinians made attempts on the lives of Israeli officials in the past, or even succeeded? If so, it’s completely understandable since the Palestinians would have raised the stakes. If not, I’m concerned that everyone will be made worse off if it escalates. Here are some details:

A senior Palestinian security official in the Hamas government was killed on Thursday in an Israeli aerial attack on a militant camp in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses and medics said.

They said Jamal Abu Samhadana, also a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) militant group, was among four people killed in a PRC-run camp near the town of Khan Younis.

It was the first time Israel has killed an appointee of the government under Hamas, an Islamist group that took power in March after an election victory over the more moderate Fatah faction of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“Israel knows that Abu Samhadana works in the government and by killing him they are sending a message that all its members, from the prime minister to junior employees, are targets for death,” said cabinet secretary Ghazi Hamad.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the strike, saying it targeted the camp rather than anyone specific. Abu Samhadana, on Israel’s wanted list for his role in a more than 5-year-old Palestinian revolt, had survived previous attempts on his life.

Hamas appointed Abu Samhadana as supervisor over the Interior Ministry, which oversees security services, in April. Though he hails from Fatah, Abu Samhadana had good relations with Hamas, which is sworn to the Jewish state’s destruction.

Again, I’m not sorry the bastard’s dead, I’m only wondering where things will lead if targeting government officials is a new tactic.

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  1. Bruce says:

    feel less concerned. if memory serves me well, the Palestinians murdered an Israeli Cabinet Minister in 2001 or there abouts.

    Bloody hell, these Israeli’s are bloody good when it come to getting their man.

  2. Christopher says:

    Good Job Israel!

  3. Bruce,

    No question that they’re good at getting their man. I practically applauded when they were killing the heads of Hamas before it was elected. I’m just wondering if them being elected changes anything.

    If their aim is still the destruction of Israel, as the story says, perhaps I should be less concerned with the well being of a bunch of would-be mass murderers.

  4. Paddy O says:

    Another 2 related stories you may find interesting
    1. “Hamas asks Hirchson for money”
    In a direct communique to the finance minister of a country it refuses to recognize, the Palestinian Authority’s Finance Ministry, headed by Hamas’s Omar Abdel Razek, has written to Avraham Hirchson, demanding that Israel transfer to the PA’s coffers the hundreds of millions of dollars in customs revenues it has been withholding since Hamas’s victory in January’s elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council.

    The one-page letter was written on PA-headed paper in English and formally addressed to Hirchson at his ministry in Jerusalem, Israel.

    The letter accused Israel of unlawful behavior and specified the agreements under which, it asserted, Israel was obligated to transfer the funds, including the Paris protocol on economic relations of April 1994, which formed part of the Oslo accords.
    BUT I THOUGHT THE HAMAS DID NOT REGOGNISE THE OSLO ACCORDS – I guess hunger will make you lose your principles.

    2. Hamas, Abbas rivalry spurs arms race
    Web posted at: 6/9/2006 7:14:45
    Source ::: REUTERS
    RAMALLAH, West Bank â?¢ President Mahmoud Abbasâ??s forces and Hamas rivals are expanding their arsenals as a power struggle intensifies, increasing the risk that a showdown could turn bloody, security sources and diplomats said.

    New weapons and equipment can be seen on the streets of Gaza and the West Bank, while prices for black market guns and ammunition have soared in a growing arms race despite pledges by both sides to prevent civil war.

  5. Gary Farber says:

    “Have the Palestinians made attempts on the lives of Israeli officials in the past, or even succeeded?”


  6. Anderson says:

    But (1) has HAMAS ever assassinated an Israeli official, and (2) is this really a good time for Israel to be doing such things?

  7. McGehee says:

    Another Terrorist Dies

    The more the merrier.

  8. db says:

    It’s hard to shed tears for this guy just because Hamas put his name on a list and started calling him a “government official”. If Somalia appointed Osama the new “Chief Executive Secretary of Foreign Affairs”, it would do little to restrain the US from dropping a bomb on his head.