Beltway Traffic Jam

Back in telecommute mode after all. I went in to the office for a couple hours this morning but, alas, the computer isn’t working and it’ll likely be a couple days to get it resolved. So it goes.

The first linkfest of the week:

  • Julian Sanchez is hosting a Blogorama at Rendezvous Lounge in DC this Thursday. It’ll apparently be crawling with libertarians.
  • Cam Edwards is unimpressed with Spain’s latest efforts in the GWOT.
  • Bill Hobbs provides definitive proof Scooby Doo is bad for kids.
  • Rob Tagorda links word that racial diversity has some negative side effects.
  • Venomous Kate is hosting her own caption contest.
  • King of Fools reports on WaPo retracting the “Condi distracted” story. Sort of.
  • Amy Lamboley endorses Prof. Bainbridge for Governor.
  • Barry Ritholtz provides more evidence that file downloading doesn’t seem to be affecting CD sales.
  • Laurence Simon, opponent of linkwhoring, hosts the Carnival of Cats.

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  1. Cam says:

    Thanks for the link. By the way, now that I’m in NoVa, are you up for lunch or something one day?

  2. James Joyner says:


    Sure. The office is in Baileys Crossroads (technically, part of Falls Church), so we’re pretty close. You’re in Springfield?