Gun Control Around the Anglosphere

Our English-speaking brethren have much less tolerance for massacres than we do.

AP Fires Reporter For Reporting

James LaPorta is being scapegoated for poor editorial process.

The Colorado Club Shooter [UPDATED]

New details are emerging about possible motivations.

abstract image with silhouettes of all different people abstract image with silhouettes of all different people

8 Billion

A new milestone in human history.

What About Henry Ford?!

Do his achievements and good works outweigh his virulent antisemitism?

Pelosi Attacker an Illegal Alien

They’re not sending their best people.

Biden Warns Democracy at Stake

Is the President governing like he means it?

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Quick Takes

A few stories to consider.

The Media is Biased Against Us!

Journalists openly root for a good story.

Ash Carter, 1954-2022

A brilliant national security leader is gone too soon.

Musk Could Cripple Content Moderation

Planned staff layoffs concern those who fear a free-for-all.

The ‘Crime of the Century’ Didn’t Happen

Three-and-a-half years and almost 6 million tax dollars have produced nothing.

Retired Flag Officers Cashing In As Foreign Agents

An unsavory practice that’s mostly legal.

[Death penalty - image of a stretcher with shackles] [Death penalty - image of a stretcher with shackles]

The Parkland Shooter Sentence And The Death Penalty

Another example of the arbitrariness of the death penaly

Ukraine Openly Mocking Russia

Things are not going well in the special military operation.

Loretta Lynn, 1932-2022

A country music icon is gone at 90.

Bill Plante, 1938-2022

The veteran newsman is gone at 84.

Axios and Pre-Chewed News

Jim VandeHei and company have put out a new style guide.

Italy Expected to Elect Post-Fascist Premier

Democratic backsliding appears to be spreading to another European country.

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The Declining Market for News

Reading habits continue to evolve, not necessarily for the better.

Democrats and Meh Voters

For the first time in a long time, Presidential approval numbers and voter preferences aren’t’ aligned.

Fear of a White Scholar

President Biden had a meeting with some historians. The horrors.

CNN’s Centrist Gambit

What does objectivity mean in the Trump era?

Mikhail Gorbachev, 1931-2022

The last Soviet leader is gone at 91.

David Kay, 1940-2022

A man made famous for discovering Iraq’s WMD program was virtually nonexistent is gone at 82.

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

Reflections On “Voter Fraud” And The Design Of Government Systems

Are 20 arrests worth a $1.2 million dollar investment?

Private vs Public Opinion

What we believe and what we say we believe are often not the same.

[Top Secret Clip Art] [Top Secret Clip Art]

Commentary On Presidential (De)Classification Powers

“Declassification, even by the President, must follow established procedures.” (Trump Administration 2018)

[Updated x 2] The Latest On The Trump Document Investigation

Running down the latest “known knowns” with just a bit of analysis

Stupid Takes From “Smart” People: Trump/FBI Edition

Tell us you don’t know anything about Federal Warrants without telling us you don’t know anything about Federal Warrants

David McCullough, 1933-2022

A great American author is gone at 89.

Democrats Funding MAGA Primary Candidates

Hardball politics or dirty pool?

Bill Russell, 1934-2022

The iconic basketball player, coach, and civil rights leader is gone at 88.

Democrats Punt on Primary Order

They’re going to wait until after the midterms to decide whether Iowa and New Hampshire stay at the front of the line.

Tony Dow, 1945-2022

The man most famous for his turn on “Leave it to Beaver” has passed from liver cancer aged 77.

Biden Continuing Trump Foreign Policy?

Normalcy is not a bad thing.

South Carolina Outlaws Speech Related to Abortion

States emboldened by Dobbs are testing just how far the Supreme Court will let them go.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Medal of Valor ceremony, Monday, May 16, 2022, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz) President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Medal of Valor ceremony, Monday, May 16, 2022, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

The News is Bad for Biden

The nature of American political reporting distorts our perception of reality.

Democracy Dies in Dumbness

Paywalls are not our problem.

Biden and bin Salman

An embarrassing photo demonstrates the perils of leading the free world.

Public Manchin, Private Manchin

One of these things is not like the other.

SCOTUS Strikes Down NY Gun Law

The 6-3 ruling broke down on predictable lines.

Watergate at 50

Half a century have passed since a botched burglary changed history.

The January 6 Committee’s Audience

It was yuuuge! And nobody saw it!

Unity My Ass

Are you going to believe this index or your own lyin’ eyes?

Bye, Felicia

The Washington Post has fired a reporter for her rants against colleagues.

Kavanaugh Stalker Charged with Attempted Murder

A man who claims he was going to kill the Supreme Court Justice is in jail.

Who’s Running the Washington Post, Anyway?

Apparently, whoever has the most Twitter followers.

Turkey the Country Now Türkiye (Bird Still Turkey)

Our ostensible ally is seeking to rebrand itself.

Clinton Lawyer Acquitted in RussiaGate Case

What does it all mean? It depends on who you ask.