Beltway Traffic Jam

Sorry for the light posting today. Work-like activities intervened. This will likely be the last post of the day as well, as actual life-like activities are scheduled for this evening.

The extra-long Thursday linkfest should help you cope with blog withdrawal symptoms:

  • Steven Taylor examines the substance of Kerry criticisms of the Bush Iraq policy.
  • Kevin Aylward warns against bargain shopping.
  • Frank J is now writing jokes in code.
  • Ogged explains why NBA halftimes are more fun than the games.
  • Matt Yglesias catches Hillary in a gross violation of the use/mention distinction.
  • Stephen Green links news of a smaller Navy.
  • David Pinto reports that Andres Gallaraga’s cancer has returned. I hope the Big Cat recovers again.
  • Jeff Jarvis blogs Don Rumsfeld.
  • Steve Verdon has a thorough post on the overtime pay issue.
  • Will Baude contemplates the reverse Tinkerbell effect.
  • Dan Drezner is going to be on NBC Nightly News tomorrow. [TiVo it and fast-forward past the non-Dan segments. -ed.]
  • Bill Hobbs explains why newspapers no longer appeal to young people.
  • Everyone else seems to be linking this Ace of Spades post, so I will too.
  • Jon Henke compares the Bush and Kerry “guts” records.
  • Kate’s collecting snarkage.
  • The moonbats are out at Smash’s place.

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  1. Steve says:

    Uhhhmmm not me, Dave my co-blogger. 🙂

    Thanks for the link though!

    I really need to color code the author….

  2. delta dave says:

    “Sorry for the light posting today. Work-like activities intervened.” =) Don’t you just hate it when that happens.