Romney’s Realism Redux

The key to my understanding of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy rollout is the assumption “this is fundamentally a campaign document rather than a governing platform.”

Is 2011 Another 2008? Or Another 1931?

Dan Drezner believes those worrying that we’re seeing the global meltdown of 2008 repeat itself are kidding themselves.

American Political Violence Rare

While our politics are seldom violent, our violence is often politicized.

Bob Woodward Still Relevant?

Dan Drezner asks, “Has Bob Woodward jumped the shark?” My snarky response is that he did that in Bob Casey’s hospital room.

West Wingization of the West Wing

Senior staffers are already leaving the Obama administration due to burn-out. But are 18-hour days really necessary for running the White House?

SNL Obama China Skit

Hierarchy of Words

Obama Doctrine

Obama and Europe