Bill Clinton Induces Labor

An amusing moment at a rally in Northern Ohio yesterday:

Former President Bill Clinton often causes a stir when he stumps on the campaign trail, but at a rally for Ohio Democrats Gov. Ted Strickland and Rep. John Boccieri, it was Boccieri who initiated the commotion when he rushed offstage to be with his pregnant wife, Stacey.

Clinton was in the middle of his speech at a rally in Canton, Ohio on Saturday when he paused as Strickland tapped his elbow and told him Boccieri’s wife was in labor.

“His wife’s now having a baby,” Strickland said. “He has to leave.”

“The baby’s now being born, tell him goodbye,” Clinton said to cheers.

Clinton, who in the past has been adept at witty responses during interruptions, like attendees fainting at rallies, had an off the cuff remark for this occasion as well.

“You’d be amazed how many times I take a picture with a very pregnant woman and she immediately gives birth like that.” Clinton said.

There’s a punchline in there somewhere.

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