Chris Lawrence is looking for one or two co-bloggers to join him at Signifying Nothing.

I’m fairly open-minded about political perspectives; my guess is that most of the audience is in the “economic right-socially liberal†quartile of a two-dimensional issue space. I prefer the tone sober (less Atrios or LGF; more CalPundit or Tacitus), and I’m not interested in proselytizing—religious or political. Bonus points if (a) I know you personally, (b) I probably should know you but for some odd reason I don’t, (c) I’ve consumed alcohol in your presence, or (d) you “do†mass political behavior, political psychology, or political sociology. A tolerance for minor teething problems with the software is a must (I haven’t lost a post since this blog started, but there are still a few small quirks here and there). Drop me an email if you’re interested.

Mark Hasty over at Bemusement Park is collecting a list of odd names from spam he’s received. I’ve contributed Mrs. Tambidi Makele, Plot 1103, Lekki Phase II, and Victoria Island — a spam about whom I had literally *just* received while waiting for his page to load.

Update (0852): Chris Lightfoot of Lies, damned lies, and politics has a new project on which he’s soliciting your input:

The political survey site goes through phases of popularity. Unfortunately, the politicalcompass people don’t explain their methods and they have attracted considerable suspicion, mostly regarding what some see as a `libertarian’ agenda. Of course, their failure to explain their methods and data leaves them entirely open to any amount of criticism.

I want to have a go at doing this properly. That means assembling a set of questions, and then analysing the results statistically once enough data have been gathered to do this meaningfully. As you can probably guess, I’m about to ask you to do some work for me without any immediate reward.

The survey is at; it consists at present of 64 statements to which you respond on a simple disagree strongly / disagree / no opinion / agree / agree strongly scale. (Actually, for calibration purposes, slightly more than 64 statements will be put to you.) The survey will take about five minutes of your time.

(You can also read a list of the statements, but please take the survey first, and some more blurb on the survey itself which partly repeats what I say here.)

Unfortunately we don’t yet have enough data to give meaningful results, so once you complete the survey you won’t get any immediate feedback. But you can bookmark the results page you reach, and check back later when there’s enough data to compile useful results.

(via Ryan’s comments in this post)

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