Blogger Momma Bear Dies of Cancer

A big groan from the den: Momma Bear has died after a yearlong bout with cancer. The Laughing Wolf and Gray Monk have details.

She was one of the early bloggers I read, via her status as Kathy Kinsley‘s co-blogger, when OTB first launched and I was exploring the blogosphere beyond InstaPundit and Sully. As the tributes above make clear, she will be missed.

via Glenn Reynolds

Update: Kathy Kinsley and Ian Andrew Dodge have tributes. Follow the trackbacks from their posts to others.

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  1. Thank you, both for the wonderful words and for making me laugh: the groan from the den is the perfect touch, and just what she would have done and want.

  2. Aw, Damn

    Momma Bear has begun the long hibernation, having succumbed to cancer. We'll miss you, MB.

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