Bucs Owner Takes Control of Manchester United

Or, more precisely, the headline should be “New Manchester United Controller Also Owns American Football Team.” Let’s face it: in the global sports world, when it’s all said and done, the club at Old Trafford matters a heck of a lot more than the Super Bowl XXXVII champions.

Glazer Gains Control of Manchester United (AP)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer gained control of the world’s richest soccer team Thursday, drawing resentment from Manchester United fans who fear the “heart and soul” of the storied club has been sold to foreign interests.

Glazer began a $1.47 billion takeover bid of the team by becoming its majority shareholder. His ownership reached 56.9 percent after he bought a 28.7 percent share held by Irish racehorse owners J.P. McManus and John Magnier.

Financial analysts said the deal seemed certain to succeed, and suggested Glazer’s ownership could quickly reach the critical 75 percent threshold. At that level, he could take the club private.

My apologies to all the Martin Gramatica fans out there.

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  1. ob1 says:

    Martin is no longer with the Bucs. He got cut mid season last year. I think he ended up with the Colts.