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Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM


(AFP/DDP/Michael Urban)

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. peterh says:

    The hunchback of pyrotech

  2. elliot says:

    At a boy, always bring in the New Year properly. Fifteen rockets for the kids and one rocket in your pocket for the missus.

  3. Rachel Edith says:

    Michael Bloomberg readies his explosive candidacy.

  4. Gollum says:

    For the right price, Wulf was able to choose from the “intercontinental ballistic firework” shelf.

  5. Heinrich! You misspelled “Fuehrer”! Now NaziFest ’08 is ruined!

  6. William d'Inger says:

    Denied a Viagra perscription by the Deutsches federal healthcare authority, Hans knew he would need something with which to satisfy the frau on New Year’s Eve.

  7. Tlaloc says:

    The photo that launched a $10 billion a year national missile defense program.

  8. Lindy R. Dole says:

    Rudolph the red-nosed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile….

  9. Phil Smith says:

    Critics felt the new German techno band had a little more boom to it than Kraftwerk did, but the lyrics “We’re firing, firing, firing on the Autobahn” never really caught on outside a few disaffected youths.

  10. Dantheman says:

    The lipsticks of mass destruction.

  11. Steven L. says:

    Well, actually, no.

    But I am glad to see you.

  12. Paul Barnes says:

    Smithers, there’s a rocket on my shoulder. (As Mr. Burns would say)

  13. Timmer says:

    So THAT’S what happens when you overdose on Viagra.

  14. “It’s Better To Put a Rocket In Your Pocket Than Your Finger In A Socket.” ( Or I Got The Gun Powder Blues And That’s Why I Blew It With You. )

  15. peterh says:

    99 luftballons…..and a one and a two….

  16. Bithead says:

    * Well, OK, I guess this IS rocket science.

    * Despite a great effort, Jake’s Second Hand Fireworks store was doomed to fail.

    * Being a rocket scientist, Robbie did it with bigger thrust.

    * My fireworks. Does yours?

    * Hey, wait. I thought we were going to see the Rockettes.

    * Having obtained his skyrockets for flight, Hans was on his way to a little afternoon delight

    * Herb noticed he didn’t get held up quite so often, anymore.

    * Being green, these rockets are powered by Bourbon and Beans.

    * Okay, so you’re a rocket scientist. That don’t impress me much. –Shania Twain

    * Interestingly, the TSA didn’t give Harvey any problem getting to his flight

    * Hank finally had the final ingredient for his Firecracker Chili.

    * Don’t worry officer… it’s to clear my sinuses.

  17. DaveD says:

    Another FTD delivery of the “Kim Jong Happy New Year” bouquet.

  18. Bithead says:

    * Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Oh. Never mind.

    The “Before” picture of the world’s first rocket powered bicycle.

    * One of the rejected pictures for the cover of “Big Bang Boom”

    * We USED to have a girl on this run. She stuck one of these in her bra. Boom to Bust, if you know what I mean.

    * PULL!!! -(Hey, it got me a first a couple years ago)

  19. “What’s For Launch?”

  20. Bithead says:

    But no matter what he did, he never could catch the crafty, speedy Roadrunner.

  21. Bithead says:

    A new treat for salad lovers: Intercontenental Balsalmic Missles.

  22. John425 says:

    German youth expects his girlfriend will soon get a “bang” out of what he believes are dildoes.

  23. John425 says:

    “I like smoke and lightning,
    Heavy metal thunder”

    -Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild”, 1968

  24. Pakistan Security Forces Are Off To Their Next Assignment.