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REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico (BRITAIN)

Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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  1. Elmo says:

    P.E.T.D. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Dummies) aren’t going to like this one bit.

  2. Elmo says:

    In art space …. no one can hear your scream.

  3. Elmo says:

    Where they keep the other Al Gore’s.

  4. DaveD says:

    Barack Obama supporters work very hard trying to explain where their candidate stands on specific issues.

  5. The rules for the “do-over” caucuses in Michigan and Florida are really confusing.

  6. The Clinton campaign’s proposed rules for the do-over caucuses went like this: All persons voting for Clinton, stand up straight; all persons voting for Obama, stand on the wall.

    To their surprise…

  7. DL says:

    Starbucks regulars wait, without their caffein fix while it closes down.

  8. Boyd says:

    The John Kerry Library on Taking Political Positions awaits the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee.

  9. elliot says:

    The first sports stadium in space comes with it’s downfalls, people still have to wait to use the restrooms…..

  10. Hodink says:

    They were bouncing off the walls at DNC Headquarters.

  11. Ugh says:

    A patron explores the first authentic 3d replication of Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion, taxes, health care …

  12. Kenny says:

    The Texas caucus procedure certainly did seem odd to outsiders. But that’s Texas to outsiders.

  13. Dennis says:

    The Democrats seem to be all over the place on this issue.

  14. John Burgess says:

    Somehow, the exhibit just seemed to lack gravity.

  15. Gollum says:

    Yes, but playing Lionel Richie’s “Dancin’ on the Ceiling” in the background was just one cliche too far.

  16. Gollum says:

    In the old days we used to suck helium just long enough to make us talk funny.

  17. FormerHostage says:

    M.C. Escher’s Family Reunion.

  18. yetanotherjohn says:

    Well that’s why they call them SUPER-delegates.

    Why they teach you to ‘form a line’ in kindergarten.

    While I agree that the ‘left-right’ continuum may be a bit oversimplified, can you see my point that this may be a bit too complicated to easily understand where a candidate stands on an issue?

    Nancy Pelosi demonstrates the unity of the congressional democrats by getting them all in a single room.

    What a boring dream.

  19. John425 says:

    RonPaulbots back in the laboratory until next time.

    Democrat super-delegates await their orders.

    DNC Executive Committee meeting is called to order.

  20. DaveD says:

    America’s teenagers educated in public schools fall even further behind their counterparts in other developed countries in their understanding of even the most basic scientific laws of the physical world.

  21. Wyatt Earp says:

    “Miss Hilton, your game room is complete. Just press this button, spread your legs, and wait for the walls to close in.”

  22. Elmo says:

    During a hastily called press conference, while expressing shock and outrage. Congressman Kucinich called for an immediate investigation.

  23. John425 says:

    Huckabee finds integrating science and fundamentalism to be a tricky thing after all.

  24. Willian d'Inger says:

    Bill will have to admit he did inhale this time.

  25. Bithead says:

    Well, son, ya see, some folks just spend their lives at right angles to reality.

  26. “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” is not a hoax.

  27. Senator Ted Stevens explains vertical and horizontal markets to the Senate.

  28. The surreality-based community announces it’s endorsement of …

  29. Antony Gormley stands in disbelief that the museum mounted his masterpiece upside down.

  30. Timmer says:

    Tonight on The Factor: The secret foreign policy plans of the DNC.

  31. Elmo says:

    It was business as usual at the State Dept., during the Obama administration.

    Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Season Two: Crystal Meth edition.

  32. physics geek says:

    The promo for Night of the Living Dead: 3-D is released.

  33. Rachel Edith says:

    The many positions McCain has taken.

  34. John425 says:

    Hillary’s secret “health plan advisers” of 1993 are being thawed out and revived.

  35. Maggie says:

    While most people have a skelton or two in their closet, the Clintons “walk-in” is just loaded with dead bodies.

  36. The Super Special Theory of Relativity.