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The Nuanced Position Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: FormerHostage – M.C. Escher’s Family Reunion.

Second: Steven TaylorThe rules for the “do-over” caucuses in Michigan and Florida are really confusing.

Third: John BurgessSomehow, the exhibit just seemed to lack gravity.


boydThe John Kerry Library on Taking Political Positions awaits the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee.

ElmoIn art space … no one can hear your scream.

Maggie – While most people have a skelton or two in their closet, the Clintons “walk-in” is just loaded with dead bodies.

GollumIn the old days we used to suck helium just long enough to make us talk funny.

DaveD – Barack Obama supporters work very hard trying to explain where their candidate stands on specific issues.

yetanotherjohn – Well that’s why they call them SUPER-delegates.

charles austinAntony Gormley stands in disbelief that the museum mounted his masterpiece upside down.


Allen felt he was not just another wallflower.

Most of them, ironically, were named ‘Art.’

…’cept the one on the floor, by the door, named ‘Matt.’

…and the two by the window, named ‘Curt and Rod.’

The voodoothatyoudoMonday Contest is already manipulating superdelegates.

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