Supreme Court Sides with Company Over Teamster Vandals

Dueling headlines give radically different impressions of the same case.

Debt Ceiling Deal Reached ‘in Principle’

We almost wrecked the economy . . . for this?

DeSantis Pandering to the Deplorables

Out Trumping Trump is possible because of Trump.

Turkey’s Elections

Don’t get your hopes up.

Post-Shame America

The courts can’t save us from ourselves.

Poland ‘Renames’ Kaliningrad

The city once known as Koenigsberg is now Krolewiec, at least in Polish government documents.

COVID ‘Emergency’ Officially Over

Long after most people returned to normal, public health agencies have given in.

SCOTUS Punts on Free Speech Case

The court declined to review a preacher’s lawsuit against my alma mater.

ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin

The Russian leader’s status as an international pariah is cemented.

Seattle Bans Caste Discrimination

A seemingly benign but controversial gesture.

US Tells Citizens to Leave Russia (Again)

And this time, we mean it.

SOTU 2023: Normal vs Crazy

The state of the union is . . . not good.

Monday Morning Tabs and Takes

Leftovers from last week and over the weekend.

The Paul Pelosi Video

Why was it released to the public?

Signs and Portents

Trump is still in the GOP driver’s seat.

Far-Right Idiocy in Sweden

Swedish right-wing provocation and Turkish short-sightedness.

NYC Mayor Goes to El Paso to Rail Against Illegal Immigration

Eric Adams is begging for the Federal Government for relief.

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Presidential Palace, Congress, and Supreme Court

Latin America’s answer to Donald Trump has his own insurrection attempt.

Partisan News Easier to Read!

Another reason so many get their information from biased outlets.

Joseph Ratzinger, 1927-2022

The Pope Emeritus has died at 95.

Policies in Conflict

The Biden Administration wants clean energy but only for some.

Trump Announces 2024 Run

Covering the coverage.

Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotaged; EU Blames Russia

The CIA warned of his months ago but the Biden administration is being cautious.

Anti-Putin Backlash

The Russian leader may be looking over his shoulder after imposing a draft.

Slow Uptake of Bivalent COVID Booster

Three weeks in, only 4.4 million Americans have gotten the shot.

Quick Hits

A few stories to comment on that did not lead to full posts.

Streaming Service Consolidation

There are too many products chasing too few consumers.

Dems in Midterms: You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

A 2020 blowout has long been presumed. But maybe it won’t happen.

Pelosi’s Ill-Advised Taiwan Visit

The Speaker’s trip was reckless, needlessly escalating an already tense situation.

Failed and Has-Been Politicians Start New Party

The Forward Party will almost certainly go nowhere.

Alabama Hyundai Plant Used Child Labor

Shocking but perhaps unsurprising news.

Democracy Dies in Dumbness

Paywalls are not our problem.

Biden and bin Salman

An embarrassing photo demonstrates the perils of leading the free world.

US and UK Intelligence Leaders Warn of Increasing Chinese Threat

They’re stealing our secrets and working to undermine our elections.

Finland and Sweden Joining NATO

The Western alliance is getting stronger in the face of Russian aggression.

Bipartisan Senate Gun Control Talking Points

Calling it a “deal” is vastly over-selling it.

Riot (or Worse) Thwarted in Idaho

A group of extremists are stopped from instigating a riot.

Unity My Ass

Are you going to believe this index or your own lyin’ eyes?

Clinton Lawyer Acquitted in RussiaGate Case

What does it all mean? It depends on who you ask.

Finland and Sweden Apply to NATO, Turkey an Obstacle

A diplomatic nightmare brewing since last week is now upon us.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

It’s happened. What does it mean?

Voting Underway in French Presidential Runoff

The incumbent should win easily but turnout is low and the consequences dire.

Russian Flagship Sunk by Ukraine

Another morale booster for the good guys.

Russia’s Diplomatic Isolation

The West continues to close Moscow off.

FBI Preempted Russian Cyberattack

The US conducted a preemptive strike against the GRU’s systems.

Yet More Ukraine Peace Talks

Bargaining continues amidst poisoning and mass killing.