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Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM


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Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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  1. Chadzilla says:

    HEY! They’re bumping Days of Our Lives for THIS GUY?!

  2. Maggie Mama says:

    TOTUS once again winning friends and influencing people.

  3. Maggie Mama says:

    The airport waiting room in Cairo looked alot different than the University.

  4. Idiot says:

    Now remember, the lights will go out at Limbaugh’s house at 02:30 exactly. You two go in the front, you two go in the side, and you two in the back……

  5. Maggie Mama says:

    Seventeen Uighurs, former Muslims detainees from Guantanamo Bay, “eagerly” await the plane to take them to Palau thanks to President Obama.

  6. Elmo says:

    Immediately before setting out on a field operation, Mo’s bug squad receives a message of spiritual encouragement, from the Mahdi.

  7. Maggie Mama says:

    OTB breaking news: The Obama Administration has more czars just waiting to be appointed.

  8. Brian Knapp says:

    COBRA troops sit quietly in the waiting room for their medical clearance to go into battle against G.I. Joe.

  9. Phil Smith says:

    “So whadda you wanna do?” “I dunno, whadda you wanna do?” “I dunno. . .”

  10. Chris says:

    “I don’t care how important this mission is, union rules still apply. The contract clearly states that all employees will receive a lunch break. Now are you going to shut up or would you like to have another discussion about the health hazards created by those new model suicide vests you tried to push on us last year?”

  11. Al Jazeera’s focus group watches President Obama’s Cairo speech.

  12. markm says:

    “Hey, at least he’s not pro JOOOOS like that Bush guy. GAWD, that Bush guy is still screwing things up”


  13. Rachel Edith says:

    “So Jordan, my friend, if a deoderant commercial comes on, watch it.”

  14. MstrB says:

    “What did this Silvio Berlusconi guy do to get the 72 virgins on earth?”

  15. Don’t ask, don’t tell … or we will blow you to hell

    Given the broken campaign promises, massive increase in debt and executive decisions that seemed determined to make the economy worse, some Obama supporters are starting to wear masks.

    Get me more white people, we need more white people

    But Abdul, have you considered his stance on the assault weapons bill?

    Rough crowd (said with a Rodney Dangerfield impression).

    The New York Times reported large and enthusiastic crowds warmly receiving Obama’s message

    I would cover my face in shame also if I was caught listening to that crap

    Is it just me or do the crowds not have the same energy as last year?

    A typical Palestinian family listens to Obama’s message.

  16. “Hey, don’t look at me–I voted for Adam Lambert.”

  17. Scott says:

    Why are we wearing these masks? Are you serious? Do you know how much jihad cred we’d loose if we were seen watching this guy?

  18. FormerHostage says:

    We have to watch this? I think I’d rather be waterboarded!

    Why do we even bother paying for HBO?

    I miss the old days when waiting rooms had magazines instead of CNN.

  19. Wyatt Earp says:

    “At my signal, unleash the remote.”

  20. hpb says:

    The green room at MSNBC.

  21. markm says:

    “AWE SH*T…when does TV switch over to digital????”

  22. markm says:

    “quick show of hands, who didn’t get the Tweet about wearing tan boots after Easter?”

  23. Elmo says:

    Ahmed: Man, I’m gettin wood!
    Samir: Don’t look at me … it was my turn in the barrel last week.

  24. Just imagine the hue and cry if this picture had been taken at Gitmo.

  25. The mood in the room changed substantially when the audio faded out and was replaced with Samuel L. Jackson as Jules from Pulp Fiction saying, “Well I’m a mushroom-cloud-layin’ motherf&(*^r, motherf%&$r!”

  26. Funny how no one remarks on their apparent need to carry a gun while watching President Obama speak.

  27. I can’t wait for Frank Luntz to enter the room.

  28. The Two Minutes Hate ran a little long.

  29. “Abdul, I thought you said Osama was giving a major speech.”

  30. rodney dill says:

    “I’m not touching you.”
    “I’m not touching you.”
    “I’m not touching you.”

  31. John425 says:

    Electors gather for the Iranian Presidential Electoral College. They were unanimous in their decision, not counting the three dead dissidents.

  32. Anderson says:

    Hezbollah recruits undergo their own, particularly brutal, version of SERE training.

  33. Rachel Edith says:


    “So Jordan, my friend, if a deodorant commercial comes on, watch it.”

    Rachel Edith is a non-winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

  34. G.A.Phillips says:

    Hey Abdul….he just said the Muslims invented the Internet(group)………AALALALAlAlALALA……..ALLALALALALALALALAL………..

    If thats how that crazy terrorist chicken cackle goes, Not sure how they spell that over there………………

  35. G.A.Phillips says:

    The “Lone Rangers”?

  36. DL says:

    The signal to move is when he stops looking from side to side.

    Are you sure this is Cairo TV, Majid?

    Right after this we get a quick view of Michelle’s arms fellow jihadists.

    Are you sure this is Disney TV and that’s Dumbo?

    Why should he need a birth certificate, when he speaks just like our leader.

    I don’t know English -what is the “I” thing he keeps talking about?

  37. G.A.Phillips says:
  38. Next, on an all new Episode of The Negotiating Game — Obama: Militant number two… if I chose you as my partner for peace, where would you take me for our summit?

  39. mannning says:

    Huessain? Him? Allah be praised!

  40. elliot says:

    Men, this is how we will torture our prisoners…lock them in a room, blindfolded and make them listen to Obama on TV over and over again.

  41. Cowboy Blob says:

    This is not the Acne-Statin Informercial that was scheduled!

  42. RT says:

    Obama’s 12-step program to rehabilitate terrorists celebrates its first meeting with throw-back terror garb and a video of an Obama speech.

  43. Elmo says:

    What time does Spongebob come on?

    Chicken again?

  44. Alan McCright says:

    Suddenly, the patients in Dr. Phil’s waiting room sensed a common bond.